President Joe Biden / PHOTO: AP “In a blatant Friday evening news dump going into Christmas weekend, the federal government has released the November border numbers,” reported Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

The numbers were some of the most disastrous ever recorded, with Customs and Border Protection reporting 233,740 migrant encounters, the highest in history for November, and a staggering increase over last November, which totaled 174,845. A reminder, these numbers do not include known gotaways. CBP sources tell us there were at least 73,000 known gotaways in the month of November alone. These are people who are detected or seen, but there is no manpower to get to them for capturer. @FoxNews The news of another record-setting high number of illegals comes as the Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed the Trump-era Title 42 immigration policy that many fear if lifted would result in an overwhelming flow of illegal immigrants streaming across the border.

While alleged border czar Kamala Harris pretended to celebrate the fabulist Kwanzaa holiday, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas continued with his own delusions. “I’ve heard you in the Judiciary Committee recently, in the summer, testify that the border is secure,” asked Rep. Dan Bishop , […]

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We Often Feel Like David Taking on Giants

Today’s Goliath is the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex that brainwashes the masses.

Our mission is very straightforward: To counter the false narratives and nefarious agendas destroying America today. It isn’t easy for obvious reasons; despite incredible growth over the last year we are still a very tiny fish in a huge media pond. But we’re fighting and we will continue to do so, Lord willing, for as long as we possibly can. The battle for America’s present and future is too important for us to back down to the giants that stand in our way.

We need help. I don’t want to say “desperately,” but the need is definitely great. If you have the means, please donate through our GivingFuel page, PayPal, or our Substack page. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to get the truth to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

Thank you, and God Bless!

JD Rucker

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