Yesterday, Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the vital @LibsofTikTok account, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation show, where she discussed the work that she does to expose radical LGBTQ activists and, in particular, their targeting of children.

Well, let the record show that Alejandra Caraballo, online safety expert and clinical instructor at the Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic, was absolutely disgusted with what transpired during Carlson’s interview with Raichik. According to Caraballo, it was one of the most bigoted interviews she’s ever heard in her life:

Maybe we’re just a little slow or something, but what exactly is bigoted about pointing out that radical LGBTQ activists who advocate for things like “child-friendly” drag shows where performers do things like sing (or lip-synch to) sexually explicit songs and invite kids to touch their bodies? That is poisonous. Grooming and sexualizing children is evil.

How is it inciting violence to shine a spotlight on what deranged people are already doing out in the open?

Feel free to read that “in-depth thread” if you like:

But if you’re short on time, we’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version: “In pointing out what’s currently happening, Chaya Raichik and Libs of Tik Tok are driving the ‘anti LGBTQ hate machine’ and provoking bomb threats and any blood that is spilled will be on their hands.” It’s a garbage thread. But then, Alejandra Caraballo is a garbage person.

Last time we checked — hell, every time we check — it’s Taylor Lorenz who’s the bully. Taylor Lorenz doxxed Chaya Raichik. Taylor Lorenz whipped up hate against Chaya Raichik. Raichik’s not a bully for finding a way to laugh at Lorenz; she’s being far more generous to Lorenz than Lorenz has ever been to her.

Thank you, Detective Caraballo, for your service. And know that you have the support and respect of California Democratic State Senator, Legislative LGBTQ Caucus member, and outspoken pro-grooming advocate Scott Wiener:

Well, Scott, for what it’s worth, Raichik’s got you pegged. You’re most definitely part of an evil cult that’s out to groom kids. Your legislative record proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And while we’re certainly not advocates for violence, we have literally no problem whatsoever with Dana Loesch smacking Scott around for promoting Alejandra Caraballo and actively participating in the campaign to incite further hate against Chaya Raichik:

Exactly. Before people like Raichik and Christopher Rufo came along, radical LGBTQ activists’ targeting of children was happening, but the extent and depravity of it wasn’t as widely known. All Raichik and Rufo have done is used their platforms to expose what’s been going on under our noses this entire time. That doesn’t make them evil; it makes them necessary.



Libs of Tik Tok’s Chaya Raichik says Ron DeSantis’ team made her an amazing offer when she was doxxed


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