It all started with Marc Andreesen’s tweet related to Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Elon Musk quickly added that Dr. Anthony “The Science” Fauci is far from infallible and/or a beacon of truth and integrity:

Oh, and here’s another interesting Fauci-related tidbit:

Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter so nothing is surprising anymore.


Are things all starting to make sense now? Musk also pointed out just how popular Fauci was at Twitter under the previous management:

Color us shocked! The mainstream media was also one giant Fauci fan club.

Did anybody at Twitter have a Fauci pillow just like Michigan Gov. Whitmer? That wouldn’t be surprising.

Subsequent Twitter Files drops will no doubt get more into this kind of thing.

Stay tuned!




Elon Musk promises ‘no special treatment’ for corporate journalists anymore

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Not the first or LAST time Elon Musk says the quiet part about Twitter conspiracies out loud (watch)


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