What is the crime Chaya Raichik committed as Libs of TikTok that incurred the wrath of the MSM and especially Taylor Lorenz?

Did she violate privacy? Doxx? Expose someone who was attempting to keep their thoughts private? No of course not. Her account started simply enough. She shared on Twitter the videos that Libs were sharing on TikTok. Videos with thousands or tens of thousands of views. Videos published specifically to be shared publicly, for the purpose of being seen.


Insane leftist teachers indoctrinating American youth and bragging about doing it wanted the praise from their fellow travelers without the attention of the parents and families they were mocking and boasting about betraying.

Libs of TikTok simply shared those videos and the MSM thought they could make her a pariah and drive her from the public square. But they can’t – in no small part due to people like Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk.

Tucker’s opening remarks here are something I try to put into words all the time about the fight with the media in this country being the most important – and that includes Big Tech. Because everything else about society and culture comes from that, and we don’t find out about what’s being done to our kids without people like Raichick, and people like Musk and Carlson who protect her free speech.

She has a lot of tweets on that subject, too.

And she’s not resting on her laurels. After the big TV hit and with all the attention coming in, not to mention a yugo Taylor Lorenz meltdown that’s still underway lol, she’s still doing the work.

Here’s more from the interview.

The whole interview is SO good, including the revelation about Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is fast becoming not just America’s governor but an actual hero.

BTW she also has this account in her own name: @ChayaRaichik10


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