It’s just been reported that federal prosecutors are now taking aim at Republican George Santos after he admitted he lied about his background to get elected.

The federal investigation is reported to NOT have ‘zeroed in on any one allegation of wrongdoing’, which means it sounds like a fishing expedition to me.

Here’s more from NBC News:

Federal prosecutors in New York have opened an investigation into Rep.-elect George Santos, a law enforcement source confirmed to NBC News on Thursday.

The probe by federal prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York is at least the second investigation into the newly elected Republican, who acknowledged earlier this week that he’d fabricated and “embellished” several claims about his background involving his education and work history.

The investigation is said to be in its very early stages and has not zeroed in on any one allegation of wrongdoing yet, but the source confirmed that prosecutors are examining Santos’ finances, including potential irregularities involving financial disclosures and loans he made to his campaign while running for Congress.

Santos is also being investigated by the Nassau County district attorney.

Last week, the New York attorney general’s office said it is “looking into a number of issues” surrounding him. The office, however, did not confirm whether it had opened an official investigation.

I would say ‘of course’ the feds are investigating Santos, but honestly he’s brought all of this on himself.

Santos is the one who wasn’t completely truthful about his background and it goes without saying that a Democrat administration is going to seize on that to try and do everything they can to get him to resign or find something prosecutable that he’s done wrong.

The investigation is obviously politics, because the biggest liar-in-chief is sitting in the White House and they don’t give a hoot about him.

While politics, hypocrisy and double standards are written all over this, Santos has only himself to blame for putting these crosshair on his back.

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