Brianna Sacks covers “climate change-fueled extreme weather and natural disasters” for the Washington Post, and she has some shocking new statistics from the blizzard that hit Buffalo, New York. Blacks make up 33 percent of those living in Buffalo, and yet they account for 51 percent of those found dead from blizzard conditions. “Buffalo blizzard fuels racial and class divides in polarized city,” goes the headline.

Sacks reports:

As the toll on the city has become clearer, a dozen residents and community leaders said in interviews that structural issues such as poverty, food deserts, poor housing and a lack of investment by government have made the impacts on working-class, Black and Brown neighborhoods much worse. They expressed concerns that surrounding wealthier and Whiter suburbs appeared to be more prepared, their response better coordinated, their power and roads restored faster.

“This area is so heavily impacted by these systemic issues, and it’s largely because of poverty,” Al Robinson, a Christian leader in the community who housed 130 people for four days in his church, said. “And impoverished people happen to be people of color.”

Back in 2021, respected magazine Scientific American looked at the racial implications of “climate anxiety.” “If people of color are more concerned about climate change than white people, why is the interest in climate anxiety so white? Is climate anxiety a form of white fragility or even racial anxiety?” asked Sarah Jaquette Ray.

No, he’s off to the Virgin Islands while Buffalo plows out.

And how polarized your city is.

The Washington Post employs many editors, and their job is to decide what gets written up and what doesn’t. One of them decided this was a story.


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