Holy schamoly, have we ever had a president as disengaged as this…well, “guy” is the kindest thing I can call Joe Biden.

It is a point of fact that Regular Joe has spent dang near 40% of his time since assuming the presidency on vacation. As in out of the White House, gone vacation. His favorite spot to skulk out to for weekends – which unlike yours or mine often start on a Thursday – is to head back to his home state of Delaware and the little family cottage by the shore. Naturally, you wouldn’t expect him to spend time trapped in traffic on the Beltway. So he flies.

As of mid-November, that time and money to get him to his hide-away was adding up.

President Biden’s regular trips to his home state of Delaware have cost taxpayers at least $11 million since the start of his presidency, a Fox News Digital analysis has found.

Biden has made 57 trips to Delaware, spanning all or part of 185 days, according to data from former CBS correspondent Mark Knoller.

The trips require taxpayer dollars to fund costs associated with the use of either Air Force One or Marine One, as well as security costs for the Secret Service. The president spends time in Delaware at his homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach.

Most of the trips involved direct travel between the White House and Delaware. Biden has made 101 flights between the White House or Joint Base Andrews and Delaware — 71 flights using Marine One and 30 using Air Force One, according to Knoller.

Well…wow. Sort of a gobsmacker when you see the numbers hard in front of you. And remember, presidents have lovely places closer to home to relax in, so it seems like Biden could think frugally on occasion, and at leas…oh, look. He’s used those a couple of times, too.

…The president has other, quite comfortable options for the weekend. The White House itself is one of the nation’s most beautiful mansions. Additionally, the president can also avail himself of the country retreat at Camp David, which is only a half-hour chopper ride away. He has been there 19 times as president, far less often than he goes to Delaware.

…The $11 million receipt for Biden’s Delaware trips is probably a significant underestimate since it does not tally many other miscellaneous costs. These include spending for additional helicopters that travel along with him, travel to or from military airports before or after an Air Force One flight, and accommodations for staff who accompany him.

The president’s 16 flights to Delaware from states where he was conducting official business are also not included, since travel from those destinations may have not been much more expensive than if Biden had returned to the White House.

Whatever “running the country” may be doing, overworking him is not one of the problems it’s causing.

Let’s fast forward to this past week, shall we? Nothing much happening in the country to furrow his brow over besides Christmas, Congress squabbling over the ONEPOINTSEVENTRILLIONDOLLAR Omnibus bill, death, and destruction through the upper Midwest and North East…

What’s a president to do?

Relax in St, Croix, baby. Where it’s warm, the crib is free, and they’ve “missed him.”

Biden arrives in US Virgin Islands to relax between holidays

President Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to a place very familiar to him — the U.S. Virgin Islands — to enjoy some downtime and warmer weather and to ring in a new year with family.

…St. Croix is a tropical getaway that Biden has been getting away to at least since he was vice president, from 2009 to 2017.

“We’ve missed him the last couple of years,” Beth Moss Mahar, a retired attorney and island resident for nearly three decades, said in a telephone interview.

How could anyone begrudge the president a break…after break after break after break?

If that insult to injury weren’t enough, you all are going to love the word that came out of the White House today.

Remember that gargantuan 4000+ page Omnibus bill? The one the Democrats (and 18 Republican turncoats) rammed through this week? Well, it’s finally ready to be signed. Now, the president knew it had passed, so he knew it had to be signed.

Could Regular Joe wait around that extra day in Washington to get it done? ‘Tis to laugh.

He’s having all 4K pages forwarded to St. Croix.

How ’bout them apples?

What a very imperial thing to do. And environmentally climate changey unfriendly, no?

In the real world, egg prices jumped 49% this year and there were shortages anyway. Unemployment ticked up and the Fed is still increasing rates. Baby formula is still missing. The death toll in Buffalo has climbed to 39 since I wrote my post this morning. God knows what they’ll find as they continue clearing streets and checking buildings.

In the president’s world, he’ll have to find time in all that free relaxation to use a borrowed pen. What a bother signing a bill when the flight touches down.

I hope they feed the staff that brought it before they shoo them off.

Then it’s shuffleboard on the Lido Deck at 2, Lovey!

Can’t be late.

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