Both Fauci’s house and his office are adorned with portraits of Fauci.

Kenny Holston/The New York Times

I read Fauci’s retirement interview with The New York Times so you don’t have to.

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Here are some highlights from his Q&A with a “science reporter” (regime stenographer) with the “paper of record.”

  • Both Fauci’s house and his office are adorned with portraits of Fauci.

“The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him,” writes the NYT’s Sheryl Gay Stolberg.

An embarrassed Fauci is uncomfortable with her being there and witnessing all of these bobbleheads and portraits in his house, she writes, because he believes the “far right” will now attack him as an “egomaniac.”  

Fauci’s office at the NIH is also adorned with bobbleheads and portraits of Fauci. “,”username”:”nypost”,”name”:”New York Post”,”date”:”Thu Jan 20 14:06:39 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:””,”link_url”:””,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:791,”like_count”:3141,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

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New York Post @nypost


  • Fauci wants to write a memoir, do some public speaking gigs, and be affiliated with a university

In other words, Fauci is about to scoop up giant checks like you’ve never seen before.

Regarding the book, I recommend the unauthorized edition: The Real Anthony Fauci.

  • Fauci yet again talks about himself in the third person

“What I would like to do is make it a real memoir, which is a life story of which Covid is a part. Because if you look at what Tony Fauci was and is, Tony Fauci is not defined by Covid.”

  • Fauci claims “undervaccinated” red states did much worse off during Covid hysteria times

“What really, really concerns me is the politicization of public health principles,” Fauci starts.

He then politicizes public health principles:

“How you can have red states undervaccinated and blue states well vaccinated and having deaths much more prevalent among people in red states because they’re undervaccinated — that’s tragic for the population.”

  • The New York Times doesn’t ask Fauci anything remotely controversial, despite the bizarre scene

No gain of function, no lab leak, nothing.

  • Fauci is asked what people don’t know about him

He replies:

“They don’t know hardly anything about the physician aspect of me and how sensitive I am and empathetic towards illness and suffering.”

There’s high level megalomania, and then there’s Anthony Fauci’s megalomania.


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