Before leaving the White House to head for a New Year vacation with his family on the Virgin Islands, President Biden signed 65 bills into law and the White House was obviously thrilled by how fast the president signed them all (whether Biden knew what was in any of them is anybody’s guess):

However, the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill was not among the above bills. The 4,000-plus page spending monstrosity was instead flown to the Virgin Island so Biden could sign it:

Just to add to the irony, the president who goes by “Middle-Class Joe” and routinely slams the super-rich as not paying their “fair share” while sounding the alarm about how climate change is an existential threat signed the omnibus from an oceanside mansion owned by a billionaire who’s putting up his family for a few days:

The optics here are something else, which is why the White House only released photos of Biden signing the bill with no background showing where he was:

The White House flew the federal budget to St Croix for President Joe Biden to sign into law ahead of the December 30 deadline, so the government didn’t shut down over New Year’s Eve.

The 4,000-page, $1.7 trillion omnibus package to fund the government through September 2023 arrived at the White House on Wednesday evening, after it completed the legislative enrollment process.

On Thursday, it was flown to St Croix, where Biden is spending the holiday week in a luxury villa owned by a billionaire Democratic donor.

The bill arrived in the US Virgin Islands via Spirit Airlines on Thursday evening around 5:30 pm Eastern time. A little over an hour later, Biden’s POTUS Instagram account posted a picture of the president signing the bill.

Here’s the @POTUS tweet:

Perhaps there was a reason the Biden staff didn’t do the signing outdoors:

Has Biden yet scolded the billionaire Dem donors who are giving him a free place to stay for not paying their “fair share”?

No it doesn’t. But Sen. Mitch McConnell said the bill covers “all our priorities,” so at least there’s a bit of bipartisan agreement that this particular swamp is perfectly acceptable.



Biden brags about tackling ‘existential threat’ of climate change as omnibus bill is flown to St. Croix

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