It has not been the greatest week for kickboxer, social media influencer, and genuinely toxic masculine man Andrew Tate.

Earlier this week, he got owned — and we do mean owned — by Greta Thunberg. That was embarrassing enough. But then yesterday, things managed to get even worse for Tate when he was detained in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. Or at least attempting organized crime.

More from NBC News:

On Thursday, prosecutors said that they found evidence that six women had been sexually exploited “using physical violence and mental constraint” by members of the group.

The women had been forced into making pornographic content for distribution on social media for financial gain to the group, they said.

Prosecutors said that the brothers have been under criminal investigation since April, according to Reuters, when Tate’s Bucharest mansion was searched by police in connection with human trafficking allegations.

Yikes. Tough break, Andrew.

Now, as much as we’re enjoying the prospect of Andrew Tate getting his comeuppance, it’s still important to be honest about how his arrest came to pass. Interestingly, Greta Thunberg is actually getting credit for ultimately being the one who brought him down:

“This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” she wrote in a tweet, an apparent reference to reports in the Romanian newspaper Gândul that Tate’s social media activity, including a video message posted by the influencer that used pizza boxes from a Romanian takeout chain as a prop, alerted authorities to his presence in the country.

The thing is, apparently a pizza box had nothing whatsoever to do with the arrest:



OK, so if this wasn’t about a pizza box, then how did the whole “pizza box” narrative get started? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you will no doubt be shocked to know that the narrative appears to have originated with Alejandra Caraballo. We know, we know … who’d’ve guessed that a serial liar with no sense of journalistic ethics would do something like that?

But here we are:

Look at all those sweet, sweet likes and retweets! Makes the lie totally worth it!

There’s another moral to this story, of course. And that moral is: Do not, under any circumstances, take Alejandra Caraballo at her word, because she is a lying liar who lies.

Of course, she has very little incentive not to lie because there are so many people and media outlets who are willing to treat her as though she is a serious person who should be taken seriously.

Could no one be bothered to verify Caraballo’s claims immediately after she made them? It’s not like she hasn’t given the media cause to question her motives before.

“One very unreliable Twitter account.” Yeah, that’s basically Alejandra Caraballo in a nutshell.

But see, that last bit, “and next time it could be on something far more important,” is exactly why Caraballo’s lie is actually a very big deal and a huge problem. Almost 100,000 retweets and more than half a million likes on a tweet that’s an outright lie. If Caraballo or someone like her can get away with that, can actually be cited by ostensibly respectable news outlets as a reliable source, then what’s to stop a far more egregious and damaging lie from catching fire?

Dreyfuss is absolutely correct. That’s why we’re going to post his tweets linking to his own write-up on the subject:

Dreyfuss actually looked into this stuff and, realizing he himself had been mistaken, took the time to correct his own rushes to judgment.

More media should take their cues from Dreyfuss — and stay the hell away from Alejandra Caraballo.



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