Earlier in the month, we told you about Kirk Cameron’s efforts to host a story hour at different libraries across the U.S. He was rebuffed across the board by libraries that have enthusiastically hosted drag queen story hours. While not specifically designed as a way to protest those events, Cameron planned to read his new book As You Grow. Since the book talks about biblical wisdom, faith and family, it was naturally viewed as antithetical to the philosophy behind drag queen story hour. And Cameron was pretty much told to go pound sand by over 50 different libraries nationwide.

But his persistence paid off. A library in Scarsdale, N.Y., and another in Indianapolis gave Cameron the green light. On Thursday, Cameron was permitted to read his book at the Indiana library. I don’t know what the average attendance for a drag queen story hour is, but it is a sure bet that the numbers are nowhere near those that Cameron’s event saw. Want to take a guess? 50? 150? 200?

Try 2,500.

The Washington Examiner is calling it a record-setting number, and I’ll bet it’s right. 2,500 people is beyond standing-room-only.

The Examiner also had tweets from attendees confirming the number of people and the success of the event.

According to the Post Millennial, the library, which had originally refused Cameron’s request, was not as accommodating as it is for drag queen events. Cameron was charged for the use of a small room, which helped to account for the overflow. The library also reportedly closed the parking garage. While the library does have a 3,000-seat auditorium, the excuse employees used for not opening it was that Cameron never requested the biggest room. Here’s one parent’s Facebook post:

(Facebook screenshot)

I can understand why the library staff had an attitude. It has to sting a little to not only be proven wrong but to have your worldview, not to mention mountains of propaganda, crumble like a year-old granola bar in the back of a battered Honda Civic with a Bernie sticker on the back. And to have it happen on such a level? Yeah, better get some ice on that. It’s gonna leave a mark.

(Facebook screenshot)

So why the massive turnout? Why 2,500 people? Could it be that Americans are simply tired of trans this and trans that? Could it be that the majority of people out there do not want to have their children sexualized? And could it be that those parents don’t want to necessarily attend a school board meeting or man a picket line, but will show up at an event that confirms that they are not crazy for believing in traditional lifestyles? Could it be that they are tired of controversy and political and social temper tantrums? Are they sick of lying, manipulative politicians, and pop culture, especially? Are they sick of COVID, wars, crime, and scandal? Are they tired of hyper-masculine bros, toxic feminists, psychotic collegiate Marxists, and people obsessed with gender and instigating racial strife?

Yes, to all of the above. As it turns out, much to the chagrin of the political, chattering, and sexual classes, people just want to live normal lives. Who would have thought?

Cameron is scheduled to host the story hour in Scarsdale today.

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