Earlier, we told you about a new book claiming that, according to White House aides, President Joe Biden was absolutely fuming over the border crisis. He was fuming so much, they could actually hear him cursing!

That’s a steaming-hot load of BS, of course, as then-candidate Joe Biden made encouraging illegal immigration a substantial part of his campaign platform.

Well, if you think that’s the only load of steaming-hot BS contained within the pages of “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” you’ll find that you’re, in fact, quite sorely mistaken. Because when it comes to Biden and BS, there is always more where that came from.

Here’s some right here:

Wow. Poor President Biden. We had no idea that it took such a toll on him.

And somehow, he’s maintained his ability to put on a happy face for the public and pretend as though he hasn’t done anything wrong. What a trouper!

More from The Hill:

The U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan left President Biden saddened, frustrated and sleepless as he faced deep criticism over its handling, according to a new book about the administration.

“While U.S. troops were on the ground, one of Biden’s close friends told me, the president barely slept,” [“The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” author Chris] Whipple wrote, according to a copy of the book obtained by The Hill.

While in Dover, Del., Biden had spoken about his late son Beau Biden, a veteran who died from brain cancer in 2015, as the president often does when speaking to grieving family members. Psaki noted that those comments made things worse for some families of the 13 service members.

“Some of the criticism was about him praising his son,” Psaki said, according to Whipple. “And to him, and to a lot of people he’s helped through grief, that had been something that helped. That’s deeply personal.”

Awww, gee whiz. Poor Joe. Imagine being the president and having to deal with criticism. It’s so unfair. Nobody ever warns you about stuff like that when you’re running for president, you know? Nobody ever tells you that when you decide to withdraw troops from a tinder box like Afghanistan without actually having a plan in place or any contingency plans if your nonexistent plan doesn’t work, and you leave a weapon-filled vacuum to be filled by the Taliban, and you abandon innocent people — including brave Afghans who risked their lives to help Americans — and members of the U.S. military and Americans doing diplomatic work … nobody ever tells you that people will be upset about it. Doesn’t anybody care that Joe Biden lost his son Beau to cancer, which, while terrible and devastating, is not the same thing as losing a family member in combat that ensues when you allow the Taliban to retake control of Afghanistan? Doesn’t anybody care that Joe Biden is losing sleep? He’s probably not even enjoying his St. Croix vacation as much as he should because he’s so frustrated by criticism. He’ll probably need a vacation from his vacation!

Nice going, America. See what you’ve put him through? Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

Well, some of them were getting plenty of sleep, at least. Of course, that’s because they were murdered by the Taliban, but we’re not here to split hairs.

If White House aides and advisers and personal friends of the president say that Joe Biden has lost an untold amount of sleep over this, who are we to question them?

He was probably just checking his watch to see how many hours of sleep he’d gone without since the last time he got a decent night’s rest.

There’s so much the public just doesn’t understand.

Well, John, maybe you’re doing it wrong.



‘Dangerous clowns’: USA Today ‘correction & clarification’ on Biden watch fact-check is PEAK #journalism


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