It’s the Friday before the New Year springs upon us God knows what, so I thought I’d share some fun stuff. Like this:

In a world of proud underachievers, HOLY SCHAMOLY!
It’s great to see someone reaching for the stars over and over again.

Just wicked cool. Especially the visuals in the bottom tweet.

So much to thank Elon Musk’s vision and drive for.

Speaking of space, space cadets spring to mind…and whatever happened with the Paul Pelosi story?

Pauly P himself popped up at the Kennedy Center Honors at the beginning of the month. Looking, thank goodness, like he’d recovered from his ordeal in pretty good shape for his age.

Paul Pelosi attended the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday wearing a hat and a single glove, in his first appearance in Washington, D.C., since he was attacked at home in late October.

…Kennedy Center Chairman David Rubenstein gave the Pelosis a shoutout while speaking Sunday night, spurring a thunderous standing ovation.

“I would like to single out one member of Congress who has been, for more than several decades, really devoted to the Kennedy Center — and her husband of 60 years who’s here with us as well — Nancy Pelosi,” he said.

The Pelosis grabbed each other’s hands and raised them in a triumphant gesture during the applause.

How sweet.

Another person reappeared, to much less fanfare and I think he’s getting a raw deal – veteran NBC newsman Miguel Almaguer. He was summarily vamoosed at the beginning of November for displeasing the Pelosi Gods…and POOF! On 12 December pops out of the memory hole.

NBC News correspondent Miguel Almaguer, who was suspended last month after a false report on Paul Pelosi, returned Monday to deliver a weather update on the Today show.

Almaguer, 45, last appeared on the show when he presented a different narrative for the shocking hammer attack on Mr Pelosi that had occurred days earlier.

The Today show regular implied Mr Pelosi, 82, may not have been in immediate danger when police arrived at his $8million San Francisco home, and that he was well enough to open the door for police.

After a WHUT?! There wasn’t anything false about it. It just didn’t jibe with the version the Pelosis wanted out.

…NBC refused to explain how the story on Mr Pelosi was inaccurate but a similar version from an NBC Bay Area correspondent was not retracted.

Some observers following the story believed NBC yanked Almaguer from air because his story contradicted the mainstream narrative of the Pelosi incident that was in circulation just days before the midterm election.

The Daily Mail article lays out the entire Bay Area report – which is still online – with Almaguer’s. Talk about getting hosed. That paycheck must really be something to put up with that kind of abuse and come crawling back. I don’t know that I’d stand for it.

Don’t mess with the Praetorian guard, tell you what. Crush little people like bugs, they do.

I found another interesting anecdote that is so telling about the sense of entitlement the Pelosis and their ilk have. You’ll remember Pauly P’s earlier escapade last May – the speeding while drunk and totaling the Porsche in Napa while Nancy was gone episode? Where, if it wasn’t for Jesse Watters continually baiting the DA and constantly agitating for more information, police reports, and video, we’d have zero idea of what had happened because that protective bubble had been thrown up? On what is public information?

In the course of digging for something else, I came across this 2015 article. The rich are different.

Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard makes her fourth-richest Californian in Congress

…The Pelosi estate on Zinfandel Lane, for example, is valued between $5,000,001 and $25 million, according to the records the congresswoman filed with the House clerk’s office for calendar year 2014. A description of the property posted on its architect’s website says it was inspired by Palladian villas and boasts a guesthouse and a “Z” shaped pool.

Oh, well. We all knew she was loaded and Paul was really good at stock deals, right? And a little vineyard on a place like Pelosi’s Zinfandel Lane is what some of us are shooting for if we could save any money.

But that’s not what had my eyes rolling. Remember “speeding, drunk, crash, Napa”?

…For all of Pelosi’s power and national stature, she and her husband have taken their concerns hyperlocal.

The couple was at the center of a neighborhood dispute last year when a winery was applying for permits to open next to their property.

Citing traffic concerns and opposition to the size of the proposed winery, Paul Pelosi managed to secure an appeal hearing before the county planning board.

He eventually appeared before the planning commission one Tuesday morning last October in a white dress shirt and blazer to announce that he had dropped his opposition — thanks to the new winery agreeing to cut back on the number of events allowed on the property.

Before he left the podium, he took advantage of time with his audience to gripe about other local issues.

“One thing I would like to say while here, though,” he said, according to video of the hearing,

all of us are concerned about the speed limit on Zinfandel Lane.

Probably nowhere near as concerned as when Paul is zipping by after a Johnny Walker Blue too many.

At least we are through with them and seeing her. For that alone, I will gladly raise a glass.

Wave goodbye to 2022 and here’s to next year.

Gird your loins.

And Slàinte Mhath!

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