In case you missed it — and we sincerely hope you didn’t, because it was juicy AF — a purported text message conversation between California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter and a staffer surfaced yesterday. And it was an extremely interesting conversation, to say the very least.

See, Katie Porter tested positive for COVID over this past summer, and according to the conversation, she blamed Sasha Giorgiades, one of her staffers, for giving it to her. Not only that, but she fired Sasha and was quite nasty about it, too.

Twitter has since added “context” to the Dear White Staffers tweet:

But it seems fair to ask if the readers who added that context did so at the behest of Katie Porter herself, because the article cited in the context note does not necessarily make Porter look like she, and not Sasha Giorgiades, was the wronged party here. Katie Porter denying that she fired Giorgiades does not, in fact, prove that Giorgiades is a liar.

Here’s the Fox News article:

More from Fox News:

“This former employee was not fired. She was a fellow in our office, and weeks before she breached COVID protocol in July, we had already mutually agreed on an end date in August 2022,” a Porter spokesperson wrote.

“Congresswoman Porter was informing her that she would work from home for the remaining three weeks of her fellowship,” the spokesperson continued. “Following knowledge of COVID exposure, Congresswoman Porter tested twice daily and only attended in-person gatherings after negative results.”

OK, well, that last bit would appear to be a lie, given that Katie Porter was voluntarily present at a meeting with “lax mask standards” and ultimately tested positive for COVID:

Pretty careless on Katie Porter’s part. Almost as if we can’t really take her at her word!

Given some of the other stuff Giorgiades had to say about the situation, we’re definitely not inclined to take Porter at her word.

Democratic Rep. Katie Porter, ladies and gentlemen.

That Katie Porter sounds like a real peach, doesn’t she?

Kudos to Giorgiades for managing to take the high road during that text conversation. We’re not sure if we would’ve been so gracious to Katie Porter. It certainly sounds like Porter doesn’t deserve any grace.

Top five in terms of highest staff turnover? Color us shocked!

You’d have to be blind not to see a pattern here. This is some toxic behavior, and it looks like it’s the sort of thing that’s just par for the course if you sign up to work for Katie Porter.

No kidding. It’s not hard to imagine Porter throwing a binder at someone à la Amy Klobuchar. She probably eats her salad with a comb, too. And then screams at her staff for giving her weird looks.

We get that there are a lot of wide-eyed young people out there who are eager to make a difference and look at working for a politician as a way to get their feet in the door. It’s very nice in theory. But they should know that unless they want to get their feet slammed in the door over and over and over again, they should steer clear of Katie Porter’s office.



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