Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.” H.L. Mencken

In biological canon, “autophagy” is a Greek derivative that means “self-eating” – the process by which old or dysfunctional human cells self-cannibalize for the good of the organism so that fresh, functional cells can replace them. It’s actually one of the major benefits of fasting.

Anyway, the left has a kind of reverse autophagy problem – the functional cells of the left are recycled out of existence and the diseased, cancerous ones are left to fester.

Exhibit A: a VICE panel called “Anti & Pro Feminists Debate Abortion, Trans Rights, and #Metoo”:

VICE always rigs these types of panels up to include a single, or sometimes two, dissenting voices against the leftist orthodoxy, and stacks the rest with sycophantic drones who will repeat the company line ad nauseam and gang up on the lone challenger.

This strategy lends to the viewer the perception that the leftist narrative of universal systemic oppression is the more popular one and handicaps the dissenting voices via well-documented in-group/out-group social pressures to conform. The effect is that the dissenting voices will self-censor to some degree to avoid the full weight of the group’s wrath, thus theoretically diluting the opposing argument. On top of that, the skewed editing adds an extra layer of deception.

Ironically, it’s very inequitable.

Sometimes, though, VICE’s handpicked heel who’s supposed to serve as the piñata is too strong to succumb to the pack of hyenas stacked on the opposite side.

The two voices of reason on the panel keep trying to bring the conversation back to the ostensible topic – feminism and the male/female “equity” gap.

The other side is so steeped in intersectional feminism that they can’t help themselves from constantly inserting class, race, disability status, transgenderism, and every other social engineering pet project into the conversation when their sex-based arguments crash and burn.

The dissenters will make a demonstrably true point like “women are no longer institutionally held back from anything in today’s society.” The hivemind’s consistent rebuttal is that “it’s easy for you to say because you’re a white attractive woman” who has something that one of the larger women on the panel terms “pretty privilege.”

It’s a race to the bottom. Modern feminism is no longer about feminism – it’s about the interminable list of potential identity-based grievances that are theoretically persecuted in the West – racial minorities, transgenders, the disabled, etc.

The left won’t stop eating itself. In good time, the only worthy beneficiary of the ideology will be a transgender black lesbian immigrant midget – until the invention of a new oppression box to tick.

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