Man, making smug swipes at people who drive big trucks is like SOOO 2015, dude. David Zipper(head) seems to think a large truck is not a totally safe and normal way to get around.

No, seriously.

Guess he’d rather drive around in an electric car that MIGHT not totally lose all power by the time you find a charging station. You know, that wouldn’t be a big deal if he wasn’t being such a harpy scold about people who do drive big trucks.

We like big TRUCKS and we cannot lie …

Clutching pearls over big trucks … someone needs to get outside and touch some grass.

Apparently, Zipper doesn’t like big trucks and when he sees them he’s so disturbed by them that he takes a picture, blocks out the license plate, then hops on Twitter to tweet about it. Seems odd but hey, he’s a Harvard visiting fellow and stuff.


We’re really sorry this is happening to him.

Oh, that’s a good point. This bumper sticker is on the other big truck in the picture.


Seriously, dude.



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