GiveSendGo was created as a crowdfunding platform that catered to people’s spiritual as well as material needs. Though the site founders’ original intent was innocuous enough — “to share the Hope of Jesus through crowdfunding with everyone who comes to our platform” — this had led to the site inevitably needing to take a stand for freedom in recent years.

Three siblings first conceived of GiveSendGo in 2014 and launched the beta in early 2015. Things went well for the first five years and the company grew. In 2020, GiveSendGo accepted Kyle Rittenhouse as a fundraiser on its platform, after leftist mainstream sites like GoFundMe dumped the persecuted teen. The following year, the platform handled fundraising for the Freedom Convoy protest against vaccine absolutist government policies in Canada and similar rolling demonstrations in the United States and Australia. Unlike other platforms and payment processors, GiveSendGo refused to deplatform fundraisers because of politics.

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“Big Tech really has taken it upon themselves to be the arbiters of truth. And it’s a place that they were never intended to be, and it’s caused more damage than good,” Jacob Wells, one of GiveSendGo’s founders and its CFO, explained to Fox News last year. “We are now stepping into that place because there is a natural pushback from many people, because America was founded on these ideas of freedom.”

But GiveSendGo routinely goes a step further, putting its own money where its soul is. John McNichol, a Texas teacher and author, told PJ Media about his experience with the big-hearted crowdfunder.

McNichol’s children attend a Catholic school in the Irving, Texas, area, and he has helped them fundraise for several mission trips. He had always used GoFundMe in the past, but McNichol was appalled by the platform’s left-wing authoritarianism against the Freedom Convoy in his native Canada. So when his son asked for help funding a junior class trip to the 2023 March for Life in Washington, D.C., McNichol asked around for an alternative. Conservative acquaintances recommended GiveSendGo.

So, the student-led group calculated the amount they’d need for plane fare and hotel stays to attend the March — $5,605 — and McNichol set up the effort on GiveSendGo. Right away, he was impressed with the new platform. “They actually asked if you wanted to give a percentage of your [raised funds, as a donation to their operating expenses], they did not automatically take it,” which he thought was a “nice touch.” He also said the website was very intuitive. And he liked that the site offered “several buttons on there where you can not only donate [but] you can offer prayers for folks, too, if you want to do that. They don’t shy away from that.”

But the biggest surprise was yet to come. “It took about three or four days to get it rolling, and we started getting some of the smaller donations but we got bigger ones, too. … It was coming close to the time when we were considering ending it, but we made it to the halfway point.”

“At that moment, I got another ping in my email — somebody gave,” recounts McNichol. “I opened it up, expecting it could be as little as five bucks, it could be fifty, sometimes it’s as high as $600.” But when he opened the email, he was shocked: “There’s $2,700 in there!”

And the surprises kept coming. “What was even more amazing to me was it was from GiveSendGo. I guess they had been watching and cheering us on.” McNichol said he even received a phone call from the company, wishing them well and inviting them to visit the GiveSendGo table at the March for Life. McNichol was delighted to learn the company was a sponsor of one of his own cherished causes.

“We love to Give Back!” said the message accompanying the $2,725 donation from The GiveSendGo Family. “Make sure you find us at our booths at the March so we can meet in person.”

“We Love To Give Back” GiveSendGo explains on its website. “Each month, GiveSendGo designates some of our operation expenses to ‘Give Back’ to active campaigns on our site. We love being Givers!” The company also notes:

We Love Freedom
Even if we do not agree with you, we will defend your right to fundraise for the causes and people you love.

We Love to Pray
The only crowdfunding site with a Pray button, and personal phone call from our Prayer team, letting you know that we are praying for you.

With values that align with their own and peace of mind from knowing their funds won’t be blocked or seized because of their beliefs, conservatives have a true fundraising partner at GiveSendGo. GoFundMe can get bent.

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