In a stunning inaugural earlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took the oath for his second term in office. It followed a stunning 19-point win in what had been a very purple state in 2020. The event left some comparing Florida first lady Casey DeSantis to Jaqueline Kenedy and others waxing nostalgically at images of Florida’s youthful first family. Amid all the fanfare, some serious politicos are looking at DeSantis’s results in Florida and picturing that family on the White House lawn in January 2025.

Ed Rollins, chief political strategist for Ready for Ron, an independent group working to draft DeSantis to run for president, put out a bold message following the inauguration: “After listening to voters all last year, we know Americans are ready for Ron to deliver an ‘America First’ legislative agenda and secure real results for Florida in 2023. Today is the first step on that journey: If DeSantis continues to govern as a bold conservative and enact pro-freedom policies, he will be poised to run for the Republican nomination and become the man to beat Joe Biden in 2024.”

The organization’s executive director, Gabriel Llanes, was even more confident DeSantis is the person to lead in 2024. “Today, Floridians can look forward to much more pro-freedom leadership from Ron DeSantis, who is primed to fight back against the communists and socialists on the national stage. America needs a true patriot for president, and Americans are ready for Ron to be that leader in 2024,” he said.

Ready for Ron’s counsel Dan Backer says DeSantis’s policies convinced him to move his family to Florida, along with other new residents by the thousands. When I asked him how Florida residents would feel if Desantis threw his hat in the ring next cycle, he was confident Florida would stay on track. “Floridians voted for Ron because of his policies, and he will implement them,” he said, noting that the election is still two years away.

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In the next six months, Backer sees a robust agenda moving seamlessly through the Republican-controlled legislature, making any policies durable and more difficult to overturn. Supermajorities in both houses will make this easier. “I don’t think Florida will lose anything with Governor Núñez. She will continue to build on a great legislative agenda in Florida,” he explained. Jeanette Núñez is the current lieutenant governor of the state.

Backer is not concerned about the rivalry that may emerge between President Trump, another Florida resident, and DeSantis if they both run. “We have primaries for a reason. I have no doubt Governor DeSantis’s principled leadership and record of results will win the day.” Backer supported President Trump but feels the country’s needs are different now. “We need someone to fix the dysfunction in Washington D.C., and Ron is disciplined enough to do it.”

Ready for Ron is a diverse group that has a distinct anti-communist vibe. Dan immigrated from the former Soviet Union as a child, and legal counsel Lilian Rodriguez-Baz hails from Cuba. Advocate Vanessa Porras hails from Venezuela .She told me, “I believe Ron DeSantis is the perfect candidate for the presidency because he understands the importance of the free market, entrepreneurship, and small business, and he’s not afraid to fight for them. He’s a believer in the American Dream, which is why immigrants like me come to America in the first place.”

“I also believe Americans need to check the radical Left that is pushing socialism and communism on us. We need leaders like DeSantis, who take on the socialists and the communists,” she added. “I’m from Venezuela, so I know that the Left’s ideas are extremely dangerous and even deadly. Americans who support socialism have no idea what it is like to find no food on shelves, no electricity at home, no freedom of speech, no internet, and no basic goods. America needs to wake up. Enough is enough.”

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Businessman Joeseph Semprevivo voiced similar sentiments. The father of eight says he does everything for his children. “I got involved in ready for Ron because I am worried about the future. We need a president who understands business, the executive branch, how to get things done, and bring people together,” he explained. He feels the latest election shows DeSantis can unify people around good economic and social policy.

“My mother went to the pharmacy today. They will not have the blood pressure medication for a month. I am not sure people understand we have outsourced so much that all it will take is the flip of a switch, and we won’t have access to chips, electronics, or pharmaceuticals. We need someone who understands those challenges and can provide real solutions,” Semprevivo continued.

And Backer is really to roll. “Inauguration Day is the start of putting DeSantis’ best ideas into practice. And tomorrow, we are back to work convincing Ron to run and electing him president. Americans can use a lot more Florida and much less Washington, D.C.”

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