If God is doing several things at once in our world, would we recognize it? Or do we just see one thing that we want to see? A good example comes from the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. God informed both sides that He wanted His people set free. As we might expect, the Jews interpreted this as good news. The Egyptians, not so much. The Egyptians had become accustomed to the Jews doing their work for them.

Moses was the man whom God picked to communicate His plan to accomplish this to both Egypt (through Pharaoh) and to the Jews. For the Egyptians this would be very bad news, as they would once again have to do their own work. To the Jews it was confusing news. What would they do? How would they live? Where would they go? God addressed the Jews’ concerns with the Promised Land. He didn’t much concern Himself with Pharaoh’s plight of losing free labor.

God’s message to Pharaoh was very simple: Let My people go, so that they may freely serve Me. This was not a well-received message by Pharaoh, and the supernatural events God gave Moses to communicate it resulted in the sorcerer wars in opposition to God’s stated actions – for a time.

God’s message through prophetic people in our era is also a one-size fits both sides message: “I will shake everything that can be shaken.” I don’t know how this is being received by those opposed to God’s efforts today. My guess is they view it as nonsense, and will ignore it until that becomes impossible.

But this shaking message has two audiences in our day, just like in Egypt back then. On one side are the people who think they are gods, and are going to do everything they want to populate the earth and ultimately the universe with their clones, man-machine combos and forcibly modified humanity. On the other side are the people in the churches on Sunday. Their doctrine has over many years become that “God doesn’t do that anymore” in response to supernatural events (miracles).

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My theory is that the “I will shake everything that can be shaken” includes those people inside our modern churches, as well as those people who never go near a church.

The evil people trying to take over God’s creation before the time of the Beast are about to become massively aware that God is moving in opposition to their plans, because they have tried to push something forward against God’s timetable. God’s shaking will expose those people and their evil plans for a one-world government.

A sizable portion of the church believes the “Left Behind” narrative was actually the roadmap for the book of Revelation. The plans that evil people have for the rest of us are merely confirmation that their belief is already underway. In a sense, they encourage one another with the moves that evil people have made to enslave God’s creation right now.

The bulk of the churches that believe “God doesn’t do miracles anymore” are actually the second group of people God is trying to reach in “shaking everything that can be shaken.”

The evil people know they are doing something morally wrong, and are not likely surprised by God’s pushback. But they are likely to be surprised at the force of that pushback. This group of them will never recover from this pushback.

I am concerned that the people in the churches who believe “God doesn’t do that anymore” are likely to be more traumatized than the evil people trying to take over the world. They will see God’s undeniably supernatural slap down of the evil plans, but how will they explain what they see?

God’s plan has always been to use the church to reach those people who don’t know Him. That will leave many churches in a very uncomfortable place. How will they explain healings witnessed today just as they occurred in the Bible? The church could go either way (accepting or denying). But the churches could also split over this issue. But God is looking for His final End Times harvest, and I have great faith that He will have it – with or without us.

However, God is Spirit, and Jesus gives us the ability to approach Him in the Spirit, and ask our questions. Listen carefully, if you think God is giving you something to do in this time. Remember, we are on this earth, be we are not of it. – home of the Armageddon Story novel series.

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