A recent article from Scientific American astutely observed that ‘violence’ in football disproportionately affects black men.

The article included this fact to help bolster the author’s claim:

Non-white players account for 70 percent of the NFL; nearly half of all Division I college football players are Black.

Author Tracie Canada really drove the point home with that statistic. A sport that is disproportionately played by black men disproportionately affects black men.

Scientific American has rediscovered math.

The reality is that NFL and college football are played by the best players in the nation and those players are disproportionately non-white. If Tracie Canada would like to bar these men from the sport, we’re sure there are loads of less talented white players who would love to take their places … and risk their injuries.

It’s hard to make the implication that something targets one race over another when there are scores of people from other races who would gladly become the target, if only they were better qualified.

Some folks just have to make everything about race.

Tony Dungy just delivered Twitter’s version of ‘football violence’. Right on, sir.

Another option might be to just randomly injure the 30% of white NFL players to reduce the disparity.

Hey, we’re just throwing out ideas.

Imagine Joe Burrow getting kneecapped as he walked out of the locker room by Cincinnati’s Violence Equality and Inclusion Coordinator.

‘Sorry about that, Joe, but we gotta get these white player injury stats up!’

We think Scientific American may have to change the name of the publication.

Solid suggestion.


Yes, that’s an actual quote from the article. The author of this article in Scientific American is not aware of any scientific data on injury rate between black and white football players, but ‘science shmience’, she’s found some racisms!


Funny, but the author’s clearly not going to know what this means.


70% of the Earth’s surface experiences disproportionate wetness compared to Earth’s non-sea-covered surfaces. This inequity must be addressed!

It could have been well-crafted parody. It’s not, but it could have been. LOL.


It’s frankly disgusting that Scientific American would ignore the blatant misandry of the NFL. It is verifiably true that football’s violence disproportionately affects men, except for the occasional athletic trainer on the sidelines who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Flagged for being stupid.

‘It’s a beaut, Clark! It’s a beaut!’


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