Kevin McCarthy was voted in as Speaker of the 118th United States Congress early Saturday morning on the 15th vote.

Kevin McCarthy will follow Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in US history and a violent and abusive woman.

Here are a few of Nancy’s accomplishments:

** Most radical pro-abortion Speaker in US history
** Supported abortion up to the birth of the baby
** Supported late-term abortion
** Frequently corrupted Bible verses to push her demented vision for America
** Ten times Nancy Pelosi repudiated her Catholic faith
** Pushed vicious lies – she knew were not honest – about President Trump and Russia
** Used government aircraft as a private taxi for family and friends
** Worst spender in US history
** Created the worst inflation rate in 40 years
** Left economy in shambles – worst bond-stock markets since 1871
** Increased taxes on working class
** Slandered the Tea Party
** Slandered Trump
** Slandered Trump voters
** Secretly decreased security at US Capitol on Jan 6th
** Refused National Guard on January 6th
** Lined up a film crew for January 6th
** Led war on fossil fuels
** Responsible for energy prices at record highs
** Pushed radical energy policies
** Worst gas prices ever
** Broke government
** Supported open borders
** Supported sex education to grade schoolers and toddlers
** Pushed “voting rights act” to destroy elections in the US forever
** Pushed Obamacare – raised healthcare costs to record levels
** Led the Defund Police movement
** Supported violent and destructive BLM 2020 movement
** Got rich with insider trading
** Escorted her family around the globe with her to seek business deals for personal wealth
** Perpetual liar

TRENDING: Here Are the WINNERS and LOSERS in House Vote for Speaker

These are just a few items off the top of our heads.

Pelosi left Republicans in a horrible position. Kevin McCarthy will have his hands full in the coming months.

Here is a look back at the week on the Winners and Losers.


The 20 principled holdouts.

They refused to bow to pressure, demanded more from McCarthy, and got it in writing.
Heroes all.

Kevin McCarthy: For not bowing out. He proved he can fight Republicans, something we already knew. Now he needs to fight Democrats. He may be a pro-China, pro-Big Tech, anti-free speech, and arrogant, but he stuck in there and won.

Matt Gaetz: Proved he will stand with the American people. Did not falter under extreme pressure. Did not resort to fighting psycho Rep. Mike Rogers who became physically aggressive.

Democrats. They may be communists and their policies are complete horsesh*t but they stick together.

Steve Bannon and the War Room at RAV. The best coverage of any media company, hands down.


Jim Jordan: This was your moment. You were the obvious choice. We needed you and you could have united the party. History called for a bold leader. You sat on your hands. Hopefully, your day will come – again.

Psycho Mike Rogers.

Dan Crenshaw. Rough week for Dan.

The GOP Swamp: How can only 21 House members see that Kevin McCarthy is not the leader we need as the country is being destroyed by Democrats and Mitch McConnell?

Hakeem Jeffries. A complete thug and liar as you would expect from a Democrat leader.

MTG: Why such a fangirl for Kevin? Strange.


President Donald Trump.

We love you, but…

In a video on both his Truth Social account and the Trump War Room account on Twitter, Donald Trump, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, said: “The drug cartels are waging war on America — and it’s now time for America to wage war on the cartels.” (@realDonaldTrump / Truth Social screen shot)

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