Democrats never run out of over-the-top hyperbole, and Ilhan Omar is no exception. She called out the ‘far right insurrectionists’ who were trying to negotiate concessions from the McCarthy wing of the Speaker of the House battle.

You read that correctly. Ilhan Omar, the woman who described the terrorists attacks of 9/11 as ‘some people did something’, sees elected members of Congress as insurrectionists.

We’re running deficits in the trillions of dollars, they just passed another $1.7 trillion in money we don’t have, and Ilhan Omar sees potential spending cuts as ‘dangerous’? Crikey!

You know Twitter had some things to say about this horribly bad take.

Imagine wanting the government to control your life.

HA! What exactly is she implying?

Ohhhhh, that’s what. LOL.

It sounds like some kind of crazy internet rumor, and then you realize the ‘fact checkers’ are content to allow this allegation to hang out there as ‘Unproven’.

Democrat privilege at its finest.


They. Don’t. Care.

Sniff. LOL.

They always find a way to overstate everything.

Hear! Hear!

How dare they threaten to reduce irresponsible spending.

Imagine how they’d react if the GOP actually did it. Yeah, we’re not holding our breath either.

Hey, if that’s what insurrection means now, count us in!


Hehe. Hehe. Makin’ the law! Makin’ the law!

Yes, please.

Don’t threaten us with a good time, Ilhan.


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