Now that the Republicans have slim control over the House of Representatives, maybe it’s time for the GOP to form its own commission tasked with investigating the ethics (or lack thereof) of the recently disbanded January 6th Committee:

Leaks possibly came from a member or members of the January 6th Commission? Gee, who would have done that? (Cue massive eye roll)

From the Washington Times:

The recently sunsetted House Jan. 6 committee released Trump White House visitor logs from December 2020 containing nearly 2,000 unreacted Social Security numbers.

At least three of the numbers, inadvertently leaked as part of the hoard of documents the committee posted online in recent weeks, belonged to members of Trump’s cabinet others. Several Republican governors and floods of other Trump allies have been caught up in the privacy breach.

The document was taken down on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the leak, but the Government Publishing Office, which was responsible for posting the file online, does not appear to have notified the individuals whose private information was leaked.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and some of her family members were among those whose SS numbers were leaked, and she’s sent a letter demanding answers:

Imagine the flailing among Democrats if the leak involved Biden’s family or other prominent Dems.

That certainly appears to be the case.

Meanwhile the corporate media will mostly yawn at this story.



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