Is there any other member of Congress more Twitchyable than Eric Swalwell? MAYBE AOC, and yeah, we do so enjoy picking fun at others like Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff (plus Great Grammy Nanny) but there’s just something about Eric.

Maybe it’s the fact he sets himself up for a Twitchying EVERY single time.

Almost as if he needs us dragging and mocking him to feel fulfilled.

Case in point:

*le sigh*

The LAST Democrat who should be talking about ‘owning’ anyone is Eric.


No no, Eric, THIS is how you own the libs. Dolt.

Yeah yeah, we don’t typically use our own tweets but this editor just saved herself writing an entire paragraph on how Fang Fang owns Eric … heh.

We weren’t the only ones who had that thought of course:


Let the dragging begin.

Wittle Eric.

That’s ALMOST as good as Little Adam Kinzinger.

There ya’ go.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen legislators act like they really give a damn that many of us didn’t know how to react.

This editor cheered.

True story.


That’ll be so great.

Democrats fall in line.

Like good little fascists.



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Editor’s Note:

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