Prince Harry has been written out of his father’s coronation. Harry is busy opening up all kinds of cans of worms as he does interviews with the press to promote his memoir, “Spare.” The Royal Family is not pleased with him, to say the least.

The Duke of Sussex’s memoirs, which I have not read, are reported to be chock full of all kinds of less-than-desirable tidbits meant to show the family in a bad light. Harry considers himself a victim and he wants the world to know it. And, he wants revenge for alleged slights shown to his American actress wife. He goes so far as to say that King Charles is jealous of Meghan and worried she will get more attention than him. That was a frequent claim when Charles and Diana were married, that she received so much attention that Charles was jealous of it all.

Anyway, the fam isn’t amused about Harry’s constant poor-me act and have grown irritated enough to ice him out of big royal events. There’s nothing bigger than the coronation of his father as the King of England. Harry, if he even attends the event, has no role. Much of the decision has been attributed to Prince William, who is “burning with anger” and said to be ‘angry, anxious and sad’ amid the Duke’s bombshell claims, according to friends of the two brothers.

In his new tell-all autobiography Spare, Harry made a series of sensational claims about his brother and father, describing the Prince of Wales as his ‘arch-nemisis’ and accusing the King of being worried he would be ‘overshadowed’ by Meghan’s Hollywood star power.

The Royal Family has thus far remained silent on the matter, refusing to respond to the Duke’s incendiary anecdotes, but the Sunday Times today said a royal source claimed Harry has been omitted from the proceedings of King Charles’ upcoming Coronation in May.

News of Harry’s removal from the ceremony comes as the Duke appeared on ITV this evening to speak about the guilt he felt following the death of his mother, the Princess of Wales, in 1997.

‘Prince Harry has been written out of the script for the Coronation, with no official role in the service if he attends,’ the paper’s Royal Editor tweeted.

‘Breaking with tradition, Charles will scrap royal dukes kneeling and paying homage to the monarch. Only William will perform that role

‘As things stand, there is no role for Harry in the service,’ a royal source reportedly declared.’

It’s funny how Harry seems to think Meghan is some big Hollywood star. She was a D-list actress, at best, known mostly for her secondary role in the television series, “Suits.” Did Harry even know who she was before he met her? I doubt it.

The stories in Harry’s self-serving memoir are so ugly against his family that even Patti Davis, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, advises him to knock it off. You may remember she wrote her own nasty memoir whining about her life as a Reagan and how she hated the political policies her father supported. Like Harry, she is wildly politically liberal, but now, at the age of 68, she regrets writing her book against her famous parents. She wrote an op-ed published by the New York Times yesterday. She addresses the physical fight Harry and William had and how their once-close relationship has changed.

Years ago, someone asked me what I would say to my younger self if I could. Without hesitating I answered: “That’s easy. I’d have said, ‘Be quiet.’” Not forever. But until I could stand back and look at things through a wider lens. Until I understood that words have consequences, and they last a really long time.

Harry has called William not only his “beloved brother” but his “arch nemesis.” He chose words that cut deep, that leave a scar; perhaps if he had taken time to be quiet, to reflect on the enduring power of his words, he’d have chosen differently.

In his book, Harry writes about his military service, which by all accounts was honorable. He served in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot. However, he criticizes how the British Army trains people. Harry also revealed how many “baddies” he killed. According to Col. Richard Kemp, a former British Army officer, Harry’s tale doesn’t reflect the reality of how soldiers are trained.

Harry wrote in his memoir that he was trained by the army to “other” his opponents, the Taliban, and that the army “trained me well” in this respect. He served as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan and called in strikes, which resulted in 25 kills.

“In truth, you can’t hurt people if you see them as people,” Harry said of his military service. “They were chess pieces taken off the board, bad guys eliminated before they kill good guys. They trained me to ‘other’ them and they trained me well.”

Kemp, during his BBC Breakfast appearance, noted that the prince should be “proud” of his kill count due to its “effect impact” and for his work to champion wounded soldiers, but he worried that the memoir could “provoke” the Taliban and sympathizers.

“It inflames old feelings of revenge that might have been forgotten about . . . no doubt about it, there are people in the world today who already would have seen this and will be thinking about getting him back,” Kemp explained, accusing the prince of “turning against” his military family.

The Taliban has seized Harry’s story and accuses him of war crimes.

“It has already been seized on by the Taliban, which has accused Prince Harry of war crimes on the basis of what is in his book,” Kemp said. “His excellent military reputation will be tarnished, because he has misrepresented the ethos of the British Army and its soldiers,” Kemp added.

No one likes a whiny rich kid, especially a royal one. If he wants to abandon his family and live in California, he should relinquish all the royal perks and just go it on his own. He’s making millions of dollars off his name and trashing his family as it is. His poor-me routine has grown old and reeks of selfish indulgence to make a buck.

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