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While most of the fake media in the USA keep deceiving the American people ⏤ since they are actually the propaganda arm of the Democrat party ⏤ most of the world leaders who considered the USA their bulwark in defense are now gravitating towards China, especially as well as considering arming themselves at a much higher level for self-defense.

Within two years, the geo-political landscape has suffered a tectonic change due to Biden’s administration’s global incompetence. New alliances that were recently never considered possible, are now a reality.

Not only are the Gulf Arabs, especially Saudi Arabia, taking the lead ⏤ are cementing better and closer relations with China, even the Europeans, especially Macron of France, is pointing out to the NATO members that they cannot continue to depend for their protection and guidance on the USA after its disastrous and unilateral middle of the night exit from Afghanistan.

Macron is not the only one having such doubts, even though France is a nuclear power, because the Germans are also opening venues with China. Their president was given a fantastic reception recently with multi-lateral agreements for energy supplies, and economic and multicultural issues.

Never before have so many nations either invited a Chinese leader or were received by him in such a short period of time. All the while, not a single news media is showing any concern or apprehension as if everything is in perfect harmony under Biden.

While most so-called pundits in the USA are asserting that China is the greatest threat to America in the long run, they are the same who are ignoring the reality that Biden’s administration is alienating all her previous very close allies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia by totally and very stupidly ignoring their legitimate security apprehensions.

America’s staunchest allies in Asia have been South Korea and Japan. They are now intending to arm themselves and, just maybe, will go for the nuclear option because it would be among the very best deterrents.

The same is happening in the Middle East. The Gulf Arabs and Israel have been for almost 70 years among the best allies of the USA but are now having very serious second thoughts because Biden is wilfully ignoring their legitimate fears regarding Iran’s malevolent intentions by their publicly and repeatedly declared intention to overthrow or liquidate their states.

The dictum of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” has been fully achieved through the Abrahamic accords between Israel and several Arab states. For over 70 years, the mantra before this was “No peace with Israel before a Palestinian state is created,” which went down the drain to the sewers where it belongs.

Once again, the option to go nuclear and or strike Iran pre-emptively becomes a very appropriate venue. The tragedy, all this could have very easily been prevented had Biden NOT intended – out of spite only – to reverse Trump’s termination of the totally absurd and impossible to verify Nuclear talks that have been dragging to nowhere for two years so far.

Once more, I ask the most straightforward question: Why does Biden consider the murder of one man, Jamal Khashoggi – who was a supporter of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood – more important than the lives of thousands of civilian Iranians demonstrating to be free while the regime leaders are murdering them for all the world to witness?

Why is Biden insanely focused on dealing with the foremost terrorist Ayatollah’s regime in the world to try and conclude an agreement that does not have an iota of advantage to the USA and its allies?

In reality, an outsider across the pond, such as myself, should not be the one asking these simple questions, but unfortunately, it is evident that among 330,000,000 Americans, not one of relevance is doing so.

Tragically, for the USA and the free world, Biden knows very well – that he has another two more years to continue wrecking the USA from within, and without ⏤ that he will not be impeached or removed from office unless he becomes even more incapacitated.

In the meantime, America’s adversaries are having the best opportunities to weaken her by every means possible without fear of retaliation or retribution.

Image: NYT Pool photo

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