How long do you think Biden’s team worked to schedule and set up this ‘photo op’ of Biden walking along in his aviators with border patrol along the border like he actually gives a damn or plans to do anything about it? Perfectly balanced, walking along, one apparently talking animatedly with his hands …

Great photo-op, Joe’s team.

Wanna bet they only walked far enough to get the shot?


So we guess you could say Biden went to the border. Sorta.

Look at POTUS’ team using their fancy photo in a tweet from Biden about how the problems at the border didn’t arise overnight.

Ummm … yeah, they did.

The only people buying this nonsense probably still think Biden was telling the truth when he said he was raised in a Puerto Rican household.

It didn’t go so great for ol’ Joe.

What she said.

Oh, and she had receipts.

Easy to be a shameless liar when you know the media won’t hold you responsible or accountable for the lies.

Calling Biden a fraud is an insult to actual frauds.

We’re not holding our breath … UNLESS of course, he finds a way to blame Trump for the jabs then maybe.


Numbers don’t lie, President Pudding Pop.

And neither do photo-ops.



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