Democrats don’t really want to ‘SEE’ immigrants.

That must be the case since they worked so hard in El Paso, TX to make sure Biden didn’t see what was really going on with illegal immigrants and the border … otherwise, why did they ‘clean up’ their mess? You’d think if they really wanted to address what is happening along our southern border they’d have wanted Biden to see everything.

But at the end of the day, we all know Biden’s visit was more of a photo-op than actually working on any sort of a plan to stop the leaking border. Pradheep Shanker put together a fairly short but spot-on thread:


They went to the border.

It was pointless and meaningless, and they don’t intend to do anything but use it for campaigning but still … THEY WENT.

Notice how much they all lose their minds when illegal immigrants are shipped to literal sanctuary cities … they freak out. BUT it’s AOK for them to flood the southern border because out of sight, out of mind.

Or something.

Calling them liars is putting it nicely.

Self-serving, pandering, lying, a-holes is how we’d have put it.



Democrats will.




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