Football is racist. Heck, everything else is so why not … *eye roll*

As Twitchy readers know, Scientific American shared a piece that wasn’t at all scientific and one that many people would question whether it was American at all claiming football is racist.

Sorry, they said, ‘anti-Blackness’ but pretty sure that just means RAY-SIS.

And as many of you can likely guess, most people thought this was impressively STUPID. Editor in Chief of Scientific American, Laura Helmuth, said if you disagree with the fact that the football system is anti-Black that you’re proving it’s anti-Black.

Or something.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.


It gets better.


So disagreeing with her crazy proves the crazy she was spewing? Really?

Knew it.

Totally science.

You’re evil and if you disagree with us that you’re evil that proves you’re evil.

Sort of like the whole ‘you’re racist’ argument.

You’re racist and if you claim you’re not a racist that proves you’re a racist.

That’s racist.

Of course, she could have just asked Tony Dungy …

Absolutely ridiculous.


And sad, all at once.

Not enough head pats in the world for this broad.



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