Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that if Republicans strategize correctly, they can get a balanced budget that will benefit the American people. 

“Legislative branches win strategic fights over three or four or five months,” Gingrich said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “They can never tactically fight the White House. The White House can dominate any week. So the trick is to build a box strategically so that their tactical fights are all within your box.”

Gingrich explained that when Bill Clinton was president, the GOP used this strategy to get victories such as balancing the budget. 

“This is how we got Bill Clinton to decide he was for welfare reform,” he continued. “He was for the largest capital gains tax cut in history. He was for Medicare reform. He was for balancing the budget for four straight years.”

The debt ceiling is a crucial issue that also needs to be tackled and can be bipartisan, according to Gingrich. 

“You have 435 House members and 100 senators,” Gingrich explained. “You got to pick a fight that’s big enough that it’s worth three or four or five months. That’s why I would start the argument about the debt ceiling right this minute so that four or five or six months from now, we will have so thoroughly educated the country that whatever decision Biden makes is within a framework we’ve defined.”

Gingrich explained that there are so many issues in the country that the Republicans can run on to build that framework. 

“You can do that by ensuring that parents know what’s going on in their child’s school and be very popular,” he said. “You can do that by defining prosecutors who refuse to do their job and release criminals and make America more dangerous. I mean, there are serious issues.”

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