Saying it’s a “copy editing tweak” shifts the blame over to the copy editor, who should have caught whatever it is in the first place; it’s obviously not the writer’s fault.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Christopher Rufo learned that the Washington Post would be appending a correction to its hit piece on him. Rufo also reached out to Jonathan Chait’s editor at New York magazine for a correction. Christina Pushaw has been branded as a homophobe and transphobe because she once called Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill “the anti-grooming bill” — that’s the type of rhetoric that extremism experts told a New York Times reporter can increase the likelihood of violence against trans people.

Andrew Sullivan once asked Rufo if he’d condemn the use of the word “groomer”:

Rufo insists he’s never called anyone a groomer and has advised people not to use the term.

We did a piece about conservatives arguing both for and against using the term groomer to describe, say, the dean of students saying the great thing about his job is watching students pass around butt plugs and lube. Why, if Jesus Christ were alive today, He would be called a groomer by the far-right, says Matthew Dowd.


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