Matt Taibbi BUSTS WaPo NOW claiming there was little Russia Twitter troll ‘influence’ on ’16 election

Matt Taibbi BUSTS WaPo NOW claiming there was little Russia Twitter troll ‘influence’ on ’16 election

The Washington Post released an article this morning claiming Russian trolls actually DID NOT have that much influence on 2016 voters.

Huh, ya’ don’t say? The Right has only been saying that for six freakin’ years.

And until now, WaPo and other outlets have done nothing to correct their own record of pushing the Russian collusion hoax. Wonder if they’ve noticed Matt Taibbi and other actual journalists doing their jobs for them and are trying to save some face?

Ain’t gonna happen but still …

Ya’ don’t say?

From WaPo:

Key findings of the report:

  • Only 1 percent of Twitter users accounted for 70 percent of the exposure to accounts that Twitter identified as Russian troll accounts.

  • Highly partisan Republicans were exposed to nine times more posts than non-Republicans.

  • Content from the news media and U.S. politicians dwarfed the amount of Russian influence content the electorate was exposed to during the 2016 race.

  • There was no measurable impact on “political attitudes, polarization, and vote preferences and behavior” from the Russian accounts and posts.

Almost like they’re trying to pretend they didn’t push the Russia collusion hoax story nonstop OR they’re trying to get out ahead of something.

Maybe both.

Matt Taibbi aka Mr. Twitterfiles was LESS than impressed with this article:

We forgot, they won a Pulitzer for the garbage they wrote about Russian trolls influencing our 2016 election to the point of Trump winning.


Just kidding.


The least they can do.


They’ve made the Pulitzer completely irrelevant.

We wouldn’t count on them ‘finding their way back,’ no matter how much we call them out.

They’d have to care and clearly they do NOT.

Sadly, all too believable.

And that’s what it all was from Hillary et all and the Leftist media.

One big con.

That did not pay off.

Imagine that, they pushed lies like this, pushed a huge CON like this, and Hillary STILL couldn’t beat Trump.


Sickening, sure, but the reality.

Let’s see if Elon Musk, Matt Taibbi, and the ‘Twitter Files’ can help change even a small portion of it.

Golly gee, it would appear so.



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