Self-described fat, vegan (really?) Leftist ‘Leah’ claims the word obese is a slur.

Who knew?

She apparently feels that it is used to dehumanize and harass fat people and therefore it should be ‘eradicated.’ Wonder if she objects to other medical terms or if it’s just OBESE that bothers her. Take a gander.

Obese is a slur? Is skinny a slur? Short? Tall? C’mon now …

Does she really think this sort of ‘activism’ helps with the stigma around larger people? Because we can assure her, it does not. At all. Nothing irritates the masses more than being told they can’t use a certain word because it’s mean, especially when exploiting the word ‘slur’ to make said mean word look meaner.

This was just silly and people were more than happy to call her out.

She was, of course, quick to play the victim.

She’s such a GIVER.

Wait, now if people push back they’re fatphobes? That’s a thing? Or are we to a point where we just add ‘phobe’ to the end of words to make ourselves feel more important?


Then, it got worse.

Gosh, ‘doc,’ the last time we checked most people weren’t all that concerned about what the academic world thinks these days.



Ooooh, corpulent is a good word.

In other words, it’s reality. Deal with it.

That appears to be the case.

See what we mean?

Welcome to 2023, we’re off to a ‘great’ start.

At best.

Or would that be at worst?


We do too.



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