Another day another BAN the Biden administration is reportedly considering and this time it is GAS STOVES. Really? This editor is not really a big cook, but we have watched enough CHOPPED to know gas stoves cook more evenly and are the stove sought by most professionals. Several news outlets are reporting the considered ban and there were so many people upset about it, we could not get all of the replies so we are going to show the news report and a few replies from each outlet.

Good point. Some places are already having rolling blackouts due to the stress on the electrical grid and with the Left wanting to force people into electric vehicles too, would it push everyone into the rolling blackouts? There we go thinking of the consequences of actions, and that is obviously not a strong suit for the Left, we are probably ‘electrophobic’ for thinking of such things.

Indeed. It seems this administration definitely continues to surprise everyone with the things they choose are important and want to break.

There you have it. What has happened to the government? Why do they think they have every right to tell us how to live, what we can do, and when to do it? We have a sneaking suspicion it gained ground with COVID policies but don’t say that out loud or you are all conspiracy theorists.

Ha! We love the double standards. No worries, we are POSITIVE it will be a ‘rules for thee but not for me’ situation where certain people can get a pass to cook with gas.

If you did not laugh at that we feel sorry for you.

We would say we agree it is odd, but this administration really believes they can do anything. Again this is an article just saying they are REPORTEDLY thinking about it, so hopefully, they come to their senses before enacting such nonsense, but we will not hold our breath.

Keep fighting back against these things even when they seem so insane you think it will not happen, they are cooking up insanity at every turn and we all have to be the people to turn up the HEAT and make them back down.


Editor’s Note:

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