Guess there’s only so much we can expect from someone The View considers a conservative.

But this? Woof.

So much woof.

Woof is the new ‘yikes,’ just FYI. At least it is for this editor. Yesterday, news broke about some of Biden’s classified documents during his time as Vice President being found at his former office. This likely wouldn’t have been major news if they hadn’t you know, raided Trump’s home over classified documents.

In case you were wondering YES, everything is stupid.

And speaking of which, Alyssa Farah Griffin tweeted this:

And this.

‘Spare her your outrage …’ as she turns off replies.

Nothing spares outrage like making it impossible for people to respond to you.


Guess how this went over.

Crazy, right?

Kinda sorta what this looks like.


We’re going to guess, no, she did not.

Otherwise, there is no way she’d be The View’s chosen conservative.

Wouldn’t hold your breath.



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