Democratic Rep. Katie Porter is not a good person. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that she’s actually a pretty terrible person. Because you’d have to be a pretty terrible person to fire a staffer — via text, mind you — for giving you COVID when said staffer did not know that she had COVID and also there was no evidence that you didn’t have COVID first and also you ignored your own COVID safety protocol.

If Porter had an (R) after her name, she’d probably be the subject of a CNN special by now. Instead, crickets.

Well, that’s really, really convenient given that Porter has just announced that she’s running for the U.S. Senate in 2024:

Isn’t that special?


Oh well. Maybe Katie texted Sen. Feinstein to give her a heads-up.

How fun!

And there’s more:

For what it’s worth, we wouldn’t join her if she paid us. Wounded Warriors shouldn’t join her if she paid them, either, because she’ll just fire them.

Have we mentioned that Katie Porter is a terrible person?

Hey, a warrior against your own staff is still a warrior.

If we were aspiring staffers for Sen. Katie Porter, we’d probably start looking for a good lawyer now. Never too early to be prepared.


There’s still more to Katie Porter Text-Message-Gate, and it does the Dem rep absolutely zero favors

Matthew Foldi blisters the MSM for totally dropping the ball on Katie Porter staffer scandal


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