Guys, Adam Schiff is bad news. Seriously bad news.

We’re not sure how else to describe a sitting Congressman who works this hard to silence and shut down a member of the press. As we all have seen from the Twitter Files, Adam targeted Paul Sperry specifically … and Sperry was eventually banned.

Yay, government.

But there’s a little bit more to the story. Seems Adam turned to Twitter after Real Clear Politics told him to ‘take a hike’ when he tried shaming them into deleting Sperry’s J6 whistleblower stories because he claimed they would lead to more violence.

We’ll let Sperry tell the whole story:

Couldn’t get his way SO he went to Twitter.

And of course, Twitter was more than happy to do its part and get rid of the ‘dangerous’ journalist who was actually doing his job.

We’re also glad he’s back … you all know Schiff For Brains is really sweating it out now. Especially with the GOP being in charge of the House. Let the investigations BEGIN.

It does indeed sound like ol’ pencil neck.


They were polite … this made us laugh for some reason.

This is gonna be FUN.


Yes, we did search pencilneck for this gif.




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