As Twitchy readers know, Alex Berenson released the latest ‘batch’ of Twitter Files on Monday, and one of the people exposed for communicating with Twitter behind the curtain about COVID was Dr. Scott Gottlieb. According to this drop, Gottlieb (who is a Pfizer board member) was working to control the COVID debate on Twitter.

We know, we wouldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow with our heads sewn to the carpet.

Seems Gottlieb is none too happy about being exposed:

And he put together an entire thread (after which he turned off replies).

Take a gander.

Oh, so people knowing what he and others were doing behind the scenes during COVID while their lives were ruined concerns him because there could be threats. Notice he doesn’t apologize for trying to control the narrative … he’s still more concerned about himself.

Keep going.

So HE’S the real victim here, you guys.

Let’s all spend some time feeling super sorry for Scott.

It’s not his fault he was working with Twitter to push one narrative that coincidentally supports Pfizer … whose board he sits on.




Ok, so this is a thread of him getting attacked? Does someone want to point out how this happens to most everyone on Twitter and he’s not special?

Confused by what he’s trying to do here.

Again, this is Twitter.

The fact he turned off replies to this thread speaks VOLUMES.

Willing to bet Gottlieb was also ‘selective’.

Especially since he turned replies off.

And this is a fair point, release it ALL. Show us what we’re missing.



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