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“Hunter is about to become the hunted!”

“Joe Biden will be back hidin’ in the basement.”

“Be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23).

These prophetic statements from ministry leader Chris Reed plus one directly from the Bible have significance for the year before us. We know the wheels of justice turn slowly but surely and that consequences may not come immediately but eventually. In other words, you can run but you can’t hide!

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With Republicans taking back the House, its leadership communicated one of their top priorities is to investigate the Bidens along with corruption in senior levels of the FBI and other institutions. Elon Musk and the “Twitter Files” continue to bring forth corrupt conduct even though mainstream media will not report it because it exposes their dishonest activity to trash Trump and back Biden.

It’s still hard to believe that the FBI paid Twitter $3.4million to suppress conservative thought in addition to concealing Hunter Biden’s activity to protect Joe (allegedly the “big guy”) and influence the election.

Joe Biden is on video adamantly declaring he had absolutely no involvement with his son’s business dealings. The New York Post explicitly detailed examples he did, yet the media brazenly buries the story.

Even liberal commentator Bill Maher has said, “Left-wing media hid Hunter Biden’s laptop story because it didn’t fit their narrative!”

Highlight Hunter, implicate his dad

God is also setting the table to show masses how malevolent forces deceived the undiscerning regarding what commentator Mark Levin calls the “Biden Crime Family.”

When Joe Biden was vice president under Obama and point man for China, Russia and Ukraine, he became involved in a clandestine, corrupt mega-million-dollar global influence-peddling scheme led by his son.

Hunter capitalized on connections with his father whom he called “the big guy” to make big bucks. His business partner, Tony Bobulinski, admitted this publicly when the computer revealed that “the big guy” got a cut.

Joe used his position to facilitate dealings for his son as he took him along on Air Force 2. Hunter enriched himself lavishly through placement on boards and in prestigious positions although he had zero experience. He was put on a Ukrainian energy board with a stipend of $50,000 monthly! Joe bragged on video that he got the Ukrainian official who was looking into Hunter’s activities fired after Biden threatened withdrawal of a billion-dollar loan!

Six million dollars was wired from a China energy company to a family partner of Hunter. Another big deal uncovered in the laptop was “10% held by H (Hunter) for the big guy.”

All this came to light two years ago when the New York Post broke the story, though it was banned by the corrupt corporate media as well as social media like Facebook. It was a legitimate story but ignored and blacked out lest Americans discover the truth and back away from Biden in the upcoming election.

Do you recall in the final 2020 debate Joe participated in that he was asked about what was going down with his son and his computer? He categorically denied the entire story, labeling it more Russian collusion. He said he was told by experts that none of this was valid. Say it ain’t so, Joe; the jig is up!

Hunter Biden is 52 years old and lives in a lavish home in posh Malibu where our tax money pays for his $30,000 monthly Secret Service protection. He purchased a $142,000 sports car and is painting pictures that he’s able to hawk for half a million dollars each. Hunter is a recovering cocaine and alcohol addict, writing in his memoir “Beautiful Things” that he previously was “smoking crack every 15 minutes.” He’s wealthy, divorced, has an out of wedlock little daughter born to an Arkansas stripper (he initially denied but was caught). He admits he was discharged after one month from the Navy after his dad had sworn him in at the White House!

Hunter probably wishes he had been more careful with that infamous laptop. He said there was some water damage, so he dropped it off at a nearby Wilmington, Delaware shop but never went back to get it. The repair man took out the hard drive and made a copy for Rudy Giuliani. The FBI got involved, but an agent later said he “didn’t know where it was at.”

The media strangely wasn’t interested and simply ignored the whole story except for the courageous editors at the New York Post.

History repeats

In the 1870s, President Ulysses S. Grant was exposed in numerous scandals and shady business dealings. He appointed 40 family members to well-paying positions. The corruption exposed in his administration came to be known as “Grantism.”

A hundred years later, in the 1970s, Vice President Spiro Agnew was suspected, investigated and discovered to have taken lucrative kickbacks from contractors when he was Maryland’s governor. Facing a felony, he resigned in disgrace. At the time I worked across the street from the White House, praying as I do now for exposure of the truth.

The FBI basically did nothing with the laptop for over a year instead of investigating what’s been exposed and accumulating facts for a grand jury hearing. Hunter faces charges of money laundering and violation of tax and foreign lobbying laws. Republican House leadership is now poised to tackle the entire matter.

If Hunter is convicted, his dad could pardon him before a trial begins – but if that happens, it would be perceived as a clear cover-up. Behind the scenes, the Dems don’t want Joe to run again because of his ineptitude and increasingly incapacitated state. The aggressive Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, leads the charge, so pray justice prevails.

Here’s the deal: These events are happening because America is under judgment, and the people of God are praying fervently for repentance for our nation and government officials (1 Timothy 2:1-3). Don’t let up!


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