President Joe Biden tried to say we’re seeing some ‘real reasons for optimism’ after a rough few years, but the fine people on Twitter quickly reminded the failing Democrat of the great American disaster we’re living in. At the very least, Biden admitted to the last two years of failures by understating it as a rough patch.

Biden said this: “After a rough few years, we’re seeing real reasons for optimism thanks to the progress we made in 2022. Now, our focus is on implementing the game-changing laws we passed last year. It’s time for the American people to feel cost-saving benefits in their everyday lives.

Except, Biden is completely wrong when he says there are real reasons for optimism. Here’s why. 1) inflation still sucks and things cost more than ever. Go to your supermarket and look at the prices of food and then compare that to what they were years ago. In most cases, everything costs more and some items are DOUBLE what they used to be. Eggs, produce, and lunch meat are great examples. I was at ACME this morning and eggs were up around $5 per carton, lettuce was $3.49 instead of $1.99, and American cheese was about $10 per lb unless you got the store brand. There is NOTHING to be optimistic about when you’re trying to buy food for your family.

Gas prices? Still high. They were in the low $2.25 range for me about two years ago. Now they’re around $3.30+ here in New Jersey. How about the real estate market? Well, the homes are WAY OVERPRICED and there is NOTHING to be optimistic about that. What about the stock market? Take a look at your account and see how much money you’ve lost. I have lost more than half the value of my investments over the last two years.

To be honest, everything was better under Donald Trump, but then the Democrats took over and it all went to you know what.

Here’s some people on Twitter torching Joe Biden and reminding him of how bad things actually are, proving that the failed President of the United States is just a complete joke at this point.

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