Old Joe Biden was asked Thursday whether he thought migrating to the United States was a human right. Predictably, he came down on the side of the erasure of the United States of America as a nation-state, saying in his inimitable semi-coherent fashion, “Well, I think it is a human right to—, if you have your, if your, your family is being persecuted, if your bein’ dealt with in a way, I mean, like, it was, I thought it was a human right for, you know, uh, uh, Jews in Germany to be able to go, to get to escape and get help where they could.”

Jews in Germany? So is Mexico a new National Socialist (that’s what “Nazi” means, kids) Germany now? Is Guatemala? Honduras? Or anywhere that the migrants are coming from? Have any Central or South American governments lodged a protest with Biden’s handlers over the alleged president’s egregious slur against their nations?

Remember when Trump was reported as calling some countries “s**tholes,” touching off a media frenzy despite his denial of having said it at all? Yet here is Old Joe saying something far worse, and of course there’s not a peep from the sycophantic establishment media.

Back in the real world, as opposed to the wonderland inside Biden’s head, genocide is not taking place in Central America or socialist Venezuela or socializing Brazil or anywhere else from which the migrants are coming. As bad as conditions may be, they’re not that bad. And the people coming to the border aren’t Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, Rep. Andy Biggs correctly noted: “Biden just compared illegal aliens—lawbreakers who have been found to be terrorists, drug dealers, and bad actors—to Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust. Not even remotely the same situation. This kind of mindset prevents us from legitimately securing our border.”

Indeed. And it’s anything but secure. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), CBP officers had 2,766,582 “encounters” with migrants at the borders during fiscal year 2022, up significantly from 1,956,519 in fiscal year 2021 and 646,822 in fiscal year 2020. In October and November of 2022, there were 561,291. If migrants keep streaming into the U.S. at that rate, there will be well over three million “encounters” in this fiscal year.

Biden did try to give the impression that he had a scintilla of concern for the American people as he added, “Um, but the other side of this is, there’s also, the people in this country have basic rights, that are here. Basic fundamental rights. To assure the people that are coming have been checked out, they’re not criminals, they’re not problem, they’re, you know, that their background checks are real.”

Does Old Joe seriously think that the American people will placidly believe that background checks are being performed on this huge mass of people streaming across what was once known as the Southern border, or that such checks would even be possible? Given the brisk business in fake IDs within the United States, can anyone reasonably assume that such business isn’t going on among people trying to enter the U.S. as well?

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If we had any actual journalists in America today, they’d be pressing Old Joe to apologize to the countries from which the migrants are coming, and above all to the American people for lying to them so repeatedly and brazenly, not just about the reasons for the migrant influx, but about virtually everything else as well. But when a hard-Left Democrat is in the White House, journalism becomes a thing of the past and the allegedly independent press becomes a Goebbelsian propaganda ministry. Thus no notice will be taken of Biden’s latest egregious remark, and he will just go on to feed us more offensive nonsense in the near future. Count on it.

Old Joe Biden’s handlers have effectively erased the Southern border of the United States. Whoever is running the United States at this point has clearly decided to flood the country with migrants, whether to secure a long-term voter base for the Democrat Party, to destroy the world’s foremost nation-state in pursuit of socialist internationalist goals, or for some other reason. But one thing is certain: The political and media elites aren’t willing to tell us what they’re really up to. They are instead offering excuses for the migrant influx, each more implausible than the last. Old Joe’s latest is the most offensive and unbelievable explanation yet.

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