GOP Rep. Byron Donalds has plenty of experience dealing with racists. After all, he is a proud black Republican, and there are a lot of liberals and Democrats out there — and we do mean a lot — who believe that makes him some kind of self-loathing, race-betraying political unicorn.

There’s only one thing that could make Rep. Donalds even worse in the eyes of the Left, and that’s being a proud black Republican who is proudly married to a white woman. That’s exactly what Rep. Donalds is, of course, and not only is he being shamed over that, but his wife Erika is as well.

Earlier today, Erika Donalds tweeted out a short but devastating thread about the ugly racism she and her husband have received from the so-called “tolerant” Left:

And it should go without saying that there’s still more where all that bile came from.

Any amount is far too much.

The Left only approves of interracial marriage when the happy couple checks the right, i.e. Left, boxes.

There are precious few exceptions to that rule.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.



Please enjoy this footage of GOP Rep. Byron Donalds wiping the floor with racist ignoramus Joy Reid


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