Earlier today, we told you about Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who became an expert on the dangers posed by gas stoves seemingly overnight. You may have noticed that that sort of thing has been happening a lot over the past few days.

Every lib is indeed an expert. And that goes for media libs as well. Folks like CNN’s Bill Weir, self-described “CNN storyteller covering the fate of life on [earth emoji].” And as a concerned citizen of this planet, Bill is also thinking about The Children, and all the children who will gain asthma and lose cognitive function if they’re allowed to live in the same dwelling where a gas stove also resides. Yes, gas stoves have been around for ages and children have not only survived, but thrived. At least before the public school system swallowed them up (kidding! Maybe.).

But rest assured that when Bill Weir says your gas stove will probably kill you and everyone you love, it’s coming purely from a place of concern:

You when they invoke “the science,” they are speaking from a position of authority. Or at least self-appointed authority.

Absolutely fascinating.

Don’t sleep on the ensuing awkwardness, either. You know, the awkwardness that ensues when the Biden administration walks back their talk of banning gas stoves.

Uh-oh. Seems like this could be a problem. How can Bill defend the Biden administration’s climate and energy policies if they turn right around and change their minds? What about the childrennnnnnnn?

We’re so confused, Bill! Tell us what to think! We feel like we’re losing our cognitive abilities to process all this, as if we’re in a tiny, poorly ventilated room full of gas stoves!



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