“33% of Democrats nationally believe that someone they know may have died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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It seems the dam is truly breaking after all. A new Rasmussen poll – recently shared on Twitter – shows a staggering shift in what Democrats once believed to be true about the COVID-19 injections.

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But before we look at the latest data, let’s recap another Rasmussen poll from December 2021 — and then compare that to the one just released.

Democrats were the most highly vaccinated and most likely to dismiss natural immunity.

@pfizer board member @ScottGottliebMD was in August 2021, our survey was Dec 2021. “,”username”:”Rasmussen_Poll”,”name”:”Rasmussen Reports”,”date”:”Mon Jan 09 20:41:22 +0000 2023″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:””,”link_url”:””,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{“full_text”:”Natural Immunity – from The Fauci Files”,”username”:”Rasmussen_Poll”,”name”:”Rasmussen Reports”},”retweet_count”:87,”like_count”:167,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:false}”>

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Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll
Democrats are most highly vaccinated, most likely to dismiss Natural Immunity over vaccination.

Vaccine sales could fall if key customers thought natural immunity was effective.

Below email from @pfizer board member @ScottGottliebMD was in August 2021, our survey was Dec 2021.

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Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll

Natural Immunity – from The Fauci Files

December 15-16, 2021, Democrats had a significantly higher vaccination rate than Republicans: 60% (R) vs. 80% (D), a 20% difference.

Next, 77% (42 + 35) of Democrats said they were very concerned or somewhat concerned about Covid-19, whereas only 45% (18 + 27) of Republicans expressed such feelings.

Finally, 61% of Democrats believed getting vaccinated was more effective than natural immunity in preventing COVID-19, a profound 36% difference from the 25% of Republicans who agreed with the stance mentioned above.

Now fast-forward to January 9, 2023.

The apparent turnaround is astonishing. “51% of Democrats nationally believe it is likely the vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths, 40% of Democrats do not.”

So, when we see these articles like this one with zero mentions of the word “vaccine,” Democrats are also becoming increasingly suspicious.

Continuing with the Rasmussen poll, “85% of Democrats (up from 80% in December 2021) nationally say they have been vaccinated, but 44% of Democrats now agree that there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, while 46% of Democrats believe that people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories.”

So, the Democrat base is split. 44% understand the concerns of COVID-19 vaccine critics, and 46% still think they are spreading misinformation. The rest, I assume, are undecided.

Let’s compare the 46% of people who still believe vaccine critics are spreading conspiracy theories to the 61% of poll recipients (December 2021) who fell for the false claim that the vaccine was more effective in preventing COVID-19 than a previous infection. Using that as a data point, we see a 15% net gain (61-46) in people losing trust in the narrative.


What caused this change?

Likely anecdotes, word of mouth, and personal experience.

33% of Democrats nationally believe that someone they know may have died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine while 62% do not. 26% of Republicans and Independents believe that someone they know may have died from side effects of the vaccine, and 63% of Republicans and 60% of Independents do not know anyone they believe died from side effects of the vaccine.”

Interestingly, more Democrats (33%) believe they know someone who may have died from the effects of the jab compared to Republicans (26%). This could be because they were – A. – more likely to be in highly-vaccinated families – B. – more likely to associate with vaccinated individuals, or – C. – both scenarios.

Now, the last paragraph.

“31% of COVID-19 vaccinated Democrats nationally say they experienced minor side effects from their vaccinations, 6% of Democrats say they experienced major side effects, and 61% say they experienced no side effects from the vaccination.”

Remarkably, these numbers line up closely with V-Safe Data.

In V-Safe, about 1 in 3 (33%) of people reported a side effect of any kind, and “7.7% (770,000 people) required medical care after getting the shot.” This is quite similar to the 37% (31 + 6) who reported a side effect and the 6% who said they experienced a major side effect in the Rasmussen poll.

So after 13 months, anecdotes, word of mouth, witnessing/experiencing side effects, and an open Twitter has seemingly wreaked havoc on the “safe and effective” narrative. As of January 4, 2023, Only 15% of Americans have received the latest bivalent booster. It’s been available since September.

About half of Democrats have some serious questions — and the same can be said for the majority of Independents and Republicans. So without a doubt, it’s safe to say, at this point in time, COVID-19 vaccine critics are the majority. The question now is, how long until the dam finally breaks?

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