One of the latest loony ideas coming from the Biden administration is the potential ban on gas stoves. As Jazz first wrote about on Tuesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is far enough down this road that we can see that someone at the end of the road is going to make a whole lot of money off the final decision.

Well, unfortunately for Jill Biden (but fun for us), an old photo from 2020 surfaced of the first lady cooking on a gas stove as the news spread about a potential ban. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Think of all the other people cooking on a gas stove any given evening, much less all the professional cooks in restaurants and the food industry. Such a ban is not only ill-conceived but would be a huge disruptor. Not that the Biden administration cares, mind you. They will go to any length to kill off the fossil fuel industry and this is just another tool in their tool box to get the job done.

For example, 69% of houses in New Jersey use natural gas. Natural gas is cheaper to use than electricity. And, natural gas burns clean. You can’t tell me that this isn’t just another part of the anti-fossil fuel extremism shown by the far-left progressives who have Joe Biden under their thumb. After all these years, there are suddenly concerns about indoor pollutants from gas stoves? Really?

When the photo surfaced online, lots of people had some fun with it. They shamed the first lady and ridiculed her privilege, too. In the photo, Jill directs a question to a Canadian chef and television personality.

“Hey @Antoni, what are you cooking tonight?” Biden wrote on Twitter in September 2020, including the photo of herself using a gas stovetop to cook and directing the question toward Canadian chef and TV personality Antoni Porowski.

You get the point. The internet is forever. Sometimes it comes in handy to make a point. Gas stoves are popular in homes and commercial venues. The World Health Organization teamed up with the EPA to condemn their use. The two agencies claim that 35% of US homes have gas stoves that allegedly release carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other matter into the air. Fortunately, the federal government doesn’t work too quickly on these kind of overreaching mandates. CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. said the commission may issue a proposal this year but it’s unlikely the process will go that quickly.

Have no fear, AOC is on board with the ban.

One response to her jumping in on the debate was a question – who pays her to say such things? Heh.

Now that I’ve had a little fun with this post, let me turn to a more serious tone. Wishing all the best for a successful and speedy recovery to Jill Biden as she undergoes surgery today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. It’s reported that she will have a “common outpatient procedure known as Mohs surgery to remove and definitively examine the tissue” of a potentially cancerous lesion above her right eye. That’s not a laughing matter, and we all wish the First Lady a complete and speedy recovery.

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