Most funerals are a strange amalgam of grief and familial comfort. If you haven’t seen Aunt Judy in years, you’ll be sure to get caught up double time once you’ve queued up and paid your respects. For many politicians, a well orchestrated funeral is a golden opportunity to deliver a grand performance.

State funerals are the Carnegie Hall of political theatre. No one serious about polishing the veneer of compassion to a high gloss misses something so politically advantageous. It’s an international platform from which to display pathos, patting an extended hand with tearful empathy. Money can’t buy exposure like that, or color a pallid bureaucrat with the warm tones of living flesh as convincingly. The more prestigious the decedent, the greater the potential political capitol.

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth was marked by absolute precision, pomp, and a breathtaking gravity. Joe Biden made sure to stagger into town and share the spotlight alongside other, competent, world leaders. He never balked at the possibility of gumming up the works with his massive entourage of handlers, lick-spittles, and Secret Service detailees unfortunate enough to be assigned to handle a geriatric in steep decline.

Though Biden couldn’t manage to get to the funeral on time — he ended up stumbling into Saint George’s Chapel last minute, requiring him to take a seat with the pedestrian folk. It was a moment of exquisitely understated effrontery, orchestrated by the masters of political sarcasm — the English aristocracy. Biden still has the lizard-brain instincts of a politician which continues to animate him, even though his cerebrum is collapsing into complete disarray.

Biden was a train wreck at his last domestic funerary appearance. He’d given the command to press our troops into a full retreat in Afghanistan, fleeing from shadows, complete with a humiliating abandonment of billions in ammunition, fully automatic weapons, aircraft, armored vehicles, and a fully functioning airport. He callously tossed aside thousands of people who had allied themselves with the forces of freedom, ensuring their interrogation, torture, and certain death at the eager hands of the Taliban.

Having presided over the worst military disaster since the Tet Offensive, Biden could barely be bothered to stand solemnly while the caskets of thirteen military members were disembarked from a transport aircraft at Dover Air Force Base. Their blood is indelibly stained into his hands, yet he gave more notice to his watch than to their flag draped coffins. The moral degeneracy displayed by Biden, while he compulsively checked and rechecked his watch, was appalling and no amount of media gaslighting can erase those images.

So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the august Pope Benedict should deliver a Papal rebuke to a man as corrupt, remorseless, and morally bankrupt as Joe Biden. It is a fact that Pope Benedict elected to not invite Joe Biden to his funeral.

The White House Spokeswoman, Jean-Pierre stated: “The U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See…will represent the U.S. at the funeral…in line with the wishes of the late Pope and the Vatican…This is what their wishes were.” Jean-Pierre can’t get her tense right, even when reading from a script. But, sloppiness and inaccuracies are hallmarks of Biden’s thoroughly pathetic administration.

The media-industrial complex can try to spin this any way they like, but it’s undeniably strange that the first Catholic president since John F. Kennedy should be disinvited from the funeral of such a significant Pope. Benedict was known for his rigorous intellect and conservative theological and political positions. It cannot be coincidence that Joe Biden’s intractable support of infanticide coincides with the Papal equivalent of a blackball.

Biden’s moral turpitude is extensive. He’s credibly been accused of committing an act of rape on a former congressional staffer, Tara Reade . In a recent Tucker Carlson Today episode, Reade described, in appalling detail, how Biden digitally raped her and intimidated her into silence. Biden’s son, Hunter, is a complex of sex, drug, and alcohol addiction with clear business ties to tyrannical regimes across the globe. And, perhaps most repulsive of all, Ashley Biden made statements in a diary regarding shower sessionswith her father.

Given the orthodox views of the Roman Catholic Church, Biden will be lucky to escape an infernal eternity. The least of his worries is a Papal snub. But, people like Biden have a highly developed talent for self-deception. The worst kind of lies are the ones we tell ourselves. In doing so, we squelch the voice of conscience, deny the revealed truth in God’s Word, and end up like a Joe Biden, dangling at the end of the mortal thread with nothing but black abyss beneath.

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