U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) wasted no time today expressing her frustration after hearing about the NOTAM outage that occurred overnight.

The outage grounded many flights throughout the morning and for the FAA to order airlines to pause all domestic departures for more than an hour.

As Fox News noted, this is the latest hiccup for transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg and his tenure has been plagued by multiple crises from supply chain snarls to widespread commercial airline delays.

In a tweet prior to the order being lifted, Boebert declared, “Every plane in America is currently grounded due to a system error.”

“Mayor Pete, bravo. This is what happens when you hire clueless liberals for jobs they aren’t qualified to do,” Boebert lamented.

In another tweet, Boebert noted that “Last year, to be more inclusive, Mayor Pete changed the Notice To Airmen system’s name to the Notice To Air Missions system…”

“He made sure to make the name more inclusive, but failed to make sure that the system actually WORKED! We’re being run by clowns,” Boebert pointed out.

Buttigieg issued a pair of tweets, one prior to Boebert’s tweet and one just after which announced the resumption of domestic flights.

“I have been in touch with FAA this morning about an outage affecting a key system for providing safety information to pilots,” Buttigieg announced in the first tweet.

Buttigieg insisted, “FAA is working to resolve this issue swiftly and safely so that air traffic can resume normal operations, and will continue to provide updates.”

Later, Buttigieg declared, “FAA has determined that the safety system affected by the overnight outage is fully restored, and the nationwide ground stop will be lifted effective immediately.”

Using verbiage that has now become standard apparently for the Biden administration, Buttigieg added, “I have directed an after-action process to determine root causes and recommend next steps.”

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