There is nothing more appalling to the Elite than actual democratic debate.

Fans of enforcing a Narrative, enforcing unanimity, Leftist politics, and making the plebs sit down and shut up, our Elites clutch their pearls and express their dismay any time dissenters speak up.

This attitude was on full display last Sunday on 60 Minutes, when Lesley Stahl lectured Americans from her perch about how awful and embarrassing it is that Members of the House of Representatives actually debated who would lead and how the House of Representatives would be run.

Better to have a system where the trains run on time.

Among the many complaints Stahl and others aired over the past couple of weeks was that House Members weren’t sworn in until the new Speaker was sworn in, leaving America without sitting Members for a few days.


I looked it up and the average number of days the House sits in session is 149 days a years. I think they will be able to squeeze 149 days of session into 2023. Just guessing, you know, but since there are 355 days left until the year ends they might be able to cross that vital threshold.

These people express no embarrassment at all about Joe Biden’s inability to finish a sentence, walk to or from a podium without getting lost, or enjoy a conversation with Senator John Fetterman. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing about America leaving Afghanistan with its tail between its legs, or the transformation of that country into a prison where women are immiserated.

But having to vote more than once on who will be Speaker of the House is embarrassing.

Uh, no. If only they did anything as remotely democratic when they pass bills. Right now a few legislators and lobbyists retire to a backroom somewhere and cobble together monstrous, economy-killing budgets and demand they be passed without even being read, no less debated.

That is embarrassing.

Our news media has become nothing but a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, willing to push barefaced lies if it benefits their buddies.

That is embarrassing.

Our Elite is a gerontocracy without an ounce of concern for the state of our civilization, since in a decade or two they will have left for the great beyond.

That is embarrassing.

A few votes and some acrimony among legislators? To me that is refreshing. I would like to see more of it. More debate. More open disagreement. More voices being heard.

Democratic governance has become a mere formality in the West, and the results are grim. Not for Lesley Stahl, of course, who benefits from this corrupt system. But for the rest of us? Grim.

So if a bit of raucous democratic debate can shake things up, I’m fine with ol’ Lesley being a bit uncomfortable.

I don’t watch 60 Minutes anyway. She can whinge all she likes.

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