The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has warned Congress that American businesses are tired of partisan gridlock in the legislature and want to see the two major parties work together to address the nation’s major issues.

“The polarization, the gridlock, the overreach, and the inability to act smartly and strategically for our future is making it harder for all of us to do our jobs, fulfill our roles, and move this country forward,” said CEO Suzanne Clark, according to The Hill.

The Chamber met this week for its annual conference during which Clark addressed many of the legislative priorities of the House GOP. The Chamber CEO indicated that the nation’s largest business lobby was concerned about runaway deficit spending and the long-term stability of U.S. credit.

“We had dinner with a bunch of business leaders and our board members last night talking about their priorities,” she said. “And there was fear, empathic emotion around the need to not default on our debt, to not play chicken with the true faith and credit of the United States.” 

Republicans have previously hinted at an intense battle over raising the debt ceiling to come early in the year. House conservatives who opposed McCarthy’s speakership held out seeking concessions from the GOP leader that he would commit to addressing the government’s fiscal woes while in office.

The Chamber largely endorsed Republicans during the 2022 midterms, The Hill noted, but neither McCarthy nor Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., have enjoyed amicable relations with the group in the recent past.

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