As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the Biden administration floated the idea of a ban on gas stoves in an interview with Bloomberg, then backtracked and said a ban was never under consideration. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thankfully chimed in with the (dubious) research saying gas stoves caused “reduced cognitive performance.” Conservatives had fun with the idea of a ban, Photoshopping gas stoves onto Gadsden flags and showing them as possible modifications to an AR-15. As the Washington Post reported, it was conservatives who had “thrust gas stoves … into the culture wars.” 

Conservatives also liked pointing out that AOC has a gas stove in her apartment, giving some credence to the reduced cognitive performance theory. Incapable of leaving anything alone, AOC whipped up a video explaining that she rents an apartment that came with a gas stove. Also, “science evolves and gives us new knowledge with time.” That’s funny … Democrats are always the ones proclaiming “the science is settled.”

As we pointed out Wednesday, one study linking gas stoves to childhood asthma was paid for by a company that removes gas lines from buildings. The Sierra Club also backed a study.

As we said above, conservatives had fun with the whole thing, especially after the administration backtracked and said it wasn’t considering a ban. “You can take my gas stove when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands” is a joke … like AOC.


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